Tuning Speedchip für Bosch Electric Bikes / Configurable



This is a tuning tool for electric bicycles powered by Bosch mid-mounted engines. The special feature of this device is that it is equipped with a micro USB port which enables you to configure it via your PC. For example, you can set the maximum engine support to an individual level from 15 to 75 km/h (about 46 mph!). It is even possible to determine if the chip shall be ON or OFF when you activate your Bosch drive system. If you use the Tuning Speedchip, your electric bikes display will show the correct speed and kilometres – even if the tool is activated. The tool can be conveniently activated / deactivated by a short click on the WALK button (exception Bosch Classic: key combination “Down-Up-Down-Up”). Please note that this device should only be installed by a specialist. The Tuning Speedchip (configurable) is compatible with all Bosch electric bike engines: Classic / Active / Performance / CX (2011 – 2016) - even with the latest versions and the new Intuvia displays. The hardware for all Bosch drive systems is identical, but the firmware has to be adapted to the respective engine types (via PC).

The Tuning Speedchip can be removed at any time to restore the electric bike´s original state. Important: The manufacturer states that, after its removal, it is not possible to prove that the electric bike has ever been tuned (not even for Bosch diagnostic tools).

Speedchip Instructions Bosch
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Speedchip Tool 1.28 with Driver
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Speedchip Driver Instructions
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 SpeedChip for Bosch