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Speedchip for Bosch Electric Bikes / Configurable.
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SpeedChip V2 for Bosch E Bikes / Configurable

This is the latest generation of the well-known Tuning SpeedChip for Bosch E Bike mid-mounted engines, now with special quick connectors and improved software. Thanks to a micro-USB interface, the SpeedChip V2 can also be easily configured via PC. This allows you to individually set the maximum speed as well as personal activation and deactivation sequences. The 25 km/h speed limitation is taken away. The E Bike display still shows the real speed values and driven kilometres - even when the tuning is activated. Of course, the chip can be removed at any time and the E Bike can be restored to its original condition. According to the manufacturer, even Bosch diagnostic tools will not be able to prove that the E Bike has ever been tuned.

SpeedChip V2 for Bosch – All functions at a glance

- Correct speed and mileage values on the display (no halved values).

- Max. speed individually adjustable via PC.

- Activation and deactivation sequences can be configured individually via PC.

- The chip can be easily updated when installed and does not need to be removed (only the battery needs to be switched off).

- When Bosch system updates are pending, no chip removal or special mode is required (the SpeedChip behaves transparently during the update).

- Delivery status for Bosch Active/Performance/CX drive systems: The SpeedChip is OFF when the E Bike is switched on. You can activate or deactivate the chip at any time by briefly pressing the WALK button. Engine support up to max. 75 km/h.

- Delivery status for Bosch Classic: The SpeedChip is OFF when the E Bike is switched on. You can activate or deactivate the chip at any time by using the key combination “Down-Up-Down-Up”. Engine support up to max. 50 km/h.

- The SpeedChip V2 can be removed at any time. After that, the E Bike is restored to its original condition; the previous tuning can no longer be verified (according to the manufacturer not even for Bosch diagnostic tools).

- Easy installation, due to the fact that only original connectors are used to connect the chip to the motor and transparent quick connectors to connect the display to the speed sensor.

- Every SpeedChip is tested for correct functionality directly on an E Bike before delivery.

- SpeedChip measurements: 33mm x 18,5mm x 10mm.

- Weight about 12 grams.

- Manufactured in Germany.

SpeedChip V2 for Bosch – Compatibility

- All Bosch E Bike motors: Classic Line / Active Line / Active Line plus / Performance Line / CX Line (2011-2019).
- Compatible with all display types: Intuvia / Purion / Nyon / Kiox.

Please note: The SpeedChip hardware is identical for both Bosch engine generations (Classic and Active/Performance/CX), only the firmware must be adapted for the different drive systems via PC.

Special Tools:

Important! You need special tools to install the SpeedChip module:

Bosch Active & Performance & CX Line engines: Crank Remover.
Bosch Classic Line engines: Spider & Crank Remover.
Yamaha electric bike engines: No special tools required.


Current software and drivers for Windows 7-10 can be found here:

Speedchip Instructions
Download PDF
Speedchip Tool with Driver Download ZIP
Speedchip Driver Instructions Download PDF






Speedchip for Bosch - New Firmware version

Maximum speed now also adjustable via the Display:

With the new Speedchip firmware for Bosch E Bikes you can set the maximum speed via the display of your Bosch E Bike (so you don't have to connect the Speedchip to your PC anymore). Proceed as follows: -Activate the Speedchip and press the minus button for 5 seconds. Then the display shows the maximum speed (default 50 km/h). -Use the plus and minus buttons to set the desired value. Then wait for approx. 5 seconds until 0 km/h is displayed. Adjustment is now completed and saved! Please note: This function is only available within 5 seconds after Speedchip activation, after that it will be locked.

The Speedchip is now also compatible with Cobi.Bike:

Cobi Bike is an innovative system in which the Bosch E Bike is connected to a smartphone and thus becomes a real smart bike (route tracking, fitness data, navigation, weather, alarm system, etc.). Now the support of the Speedchip has been made compatible with Cobi.Bike. The activation is shown in the submenu "remaining km". Attention: Activation via "Walk" is not possible because Cobi.Bike uses this key as a bell. Please set an individual +/- combination via the PC tool to activate the Speedchip (for example ++-+).

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Additional Information
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