Speedbox for Shimano Steps E6000

Speedbox for Shimano Steps. There are not too many tuning tools for Shimano Steps electric bik..
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Speedbox for Shimano Steps 

There are not too many tuning tools for Shimano Steps electric bikes on the market yet, but at least the Speed Box module is a highly recommendable solution if you want to make your Shimano electric bicycle faster in an easy way.

After its installation, this microprocessor-controlled tuning tool will increase the maximum engine support from 25 km/h to 50 km/h, which means approx. 32 mph! In other words, the Speed Box will make your Shimano Steps drive system twice as fast!

You can activate the Speed Box at any time with a short press of your electric bikes light button. After that, the Speed Box is activated and the motor support reaches up to 50 km/h. Please note: If the tuning is active, your display will only show half of the real speed. Hint: If you have pressed the button and the tuning is activated, your electric bike´s display will show the light icon – this indicates that the device is active and you got engine support up to 50 km/h. If you want to cancel the tuning and drive legally on public roads again, simply press the light button again. Now the Speed Box is deactivated and your electric bicycle works like it did before (with engine support reaching up to 25 km/h).

Please note: If the light function of your electric bike has not been activated, you need diagnostic equipment to unlock the light function. Simply visit your local bicycle shop or electric bike dealer - they should have the required diagnostic equipment to help you.



Customers who use / has lights on the bike (means lights activated by Shimano diagnostics):

Lights on -> SpeedBox deactivated

Lights off -> SpeedBox activated

If you want to have lights activated and SpeedBox toothen you must disconnect light cable from SpeedBox. Please just leave this cable disconnected.

Customers who doesn't have lights on the bike (means lights deactivated by Shimano diagnostics):

SpeedBox is always active in this case.

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