SpeedBox for Bafang 1.1

Compatible with Bafang Max Drive M300, M400, M420 E-Bike drive systems
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SpeedBox 1.1 for Bafang 2020 E-Bikes

This tuning tool allows you to double the speed limit of the new Bafang Max Drive drive systems (model year 2020) from 25 km/h to 50 km/h. By doing so, you finally enable the Bafang motor to unfold its true potential. As a result, you benefit from a significant increase in speed, making the riding experience much more dynamic.

The SpeedBox 1.1 is a tuning module that must be permanently installed in the engine housing. You need access to the connectors of the engine for the installation. Only colour-coded connectors are used for the installation, so that the mounting is uncomplicated. Since no destructive changes are made to the E-Bike during installation, the original condition of the bike can be restored without any problems. To do this, simply remove the module again.

Neither a PC nor a smartphone is required to set up the SpeedBox 1.1 - simply install it and get started! Tuning is activated very simply by long-pressing the light button (a short appearance of the light symbol in the display indicates that tuning has been activated). The tuning can also be switched off in the same way. So you can decide whether you want to use the SpeedBox 1.1 or not.

When the tuning is activated, the E-Bike speedometer will only display half of the real values (current speed, riding time, etc.). This problem can be solved by using GPS-capable additional devices such as smartphones or bike computers which can display the real values. You can order attractive smartphone holders for your bicycle handlebars "here".

Important note: If you want to install the SpeedBox 1.1 on a brand new E-Bike, make sure you ride the bike for at least 1 km before activating the tuning for the first time.

You can find detailed installation instructions "here”.

SpeedBox 1.1 for Bafang 2020 – Facts at a glance

  • Raising the speed limit from 25 km/h to 50 km/h (real achievable speed only depends on your pedalling frequency)
  • Activation / deactivation via light button at the E-Bike
  • Display indication: Halved values
  • Suitable for private installation at home
  • Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic

SpeedBox 1.1 for Bafang 2020 - Compatibility

  • Compatible with Bafang Max Drive M300, M400, M420 E-Bike drive systems
  • Compatible with models from model year 2020 onwards
  • Not compatible with 2016-2019 models
  • Not compatible with the SpeedBox App

Tip: If you have a Bafang Max Drive M300 / M400 engine from the model years 2016 - 2019, you will need the previous version, the "SpeedBox for Bafang".

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