Speedbox 2 for Bosch Gen2 or Gen3

Speedbox 2 for Gen2 or Gen3 for Bosch is a microprocessor controlled tuning module.
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Speedbox 2 for Bosch Gen2 or Gen3

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Not compatible with Bosch 2020 and firmware or newer!

Speed Box 2 for Bosch is a microprocessor controlled tuning tool which takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation of your electric bike´s drive system completely. This means, you can much faster with full engine support. The device is compatible with Bosch Active Line, Performance Line and Performance Line CX drive systems (Gen2) or Bosch Active Line Plus drive system (Gen3). A great advantage of this tuning tool is that your display (INTUVIA, NYON, PURION or KIOX) will still show the real speed! Other relevant data like distance, range, maximum and average speed will be shown correctly, too.

You can conveniently activate the Speed Box 2 by a short press on the WALK button or + - + -. If you press the button, for about 3 seconds a current speed of 9.9 km/h (6.2 mph) will be shown. This shows you that the Speed Box is activated and the engine support works up to 99 km/h from now on. If you press the WALK button again, a current speed of 2.5 km/h  (1.6 mph)will be shown. This means, the Speed Box is deactivated and your electric bike works like it did before (with motor support to 25 km/h). Hint: If you turn off your electric bike, the Speed Box 2 will be deactivated, too. That means: If you turn on your electric bicycle, the SpeedBox2 is always deactivated.

The Speed Box 2 only consists of high-quality components manufactured by globally known manufacturers. The microprocessor which controls the device has even been certified for the automotive industry.


The installation of the SpeedBox 2 module is very easy and uncomplicated:

  1. At first you have to disconnect the battery from your electric bike.
  2. Now loosen the screw of the left crank and remove the handle.
  3. After that, loosen the 3 torx screws which hold the plastic engine cover and lift off the cover.
  4. Now, you have to disconnect the connector of the speed sensor and the connector which leads to the display.
  5. Now, connect the Speed Box 2 device to the connectors you have disconnected.
  6. Then connect the contacts of the Speed Box 2 device to the original connectors.
  7. Close the plastic engine cover and tighten the 3 torx screws again.
  8. Install the left handle again and tighten the crank´s centre screw.
  9. Now, connect the battery of your electric bike again.

By the way, there is NO need for diagnostics during the installation process. Due to the shape of the plugs a faulty connection is not possible. You can uninstall the Speed Box 2 at any time and restore your electric bicycle to its original condition.

Legal Statement and Liability Disclaimer

  • We want to point out that the use of tuning tools like the Speed Box 2 is not allowed on public roads, because these devices manipulate the speed of your electric bike. You may only use electric bike tuning tools on private, closed areas or on designated routes.
  • No liability is assumed for any current or future damages to persons and / or objects caused by the improper use / installation / removal of the Speed Box 2 tuning tool.
  • You have to use the Speed Box 2 at your own risk.
  • The manufacturer´s warranty of your electric bicycle may be limited or can completely expire if you make your electric bicycle faster with tuning tools.
  • Please drive carefully. We recommend you to wear protective gears and a bicycle helmet.

Special Tools to open the Bosch engine:

Bosch Active & Performance Line (Gen2): “Crank Remover”.


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Additional Information
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Brilliant product
Such a quality product. Easy to install. Very convenient way of switching it on of. My Cube
MTB goes so smooth no more annoying cut offs of assistance when you go 27 km/h or more. Importantly speed readings are accurate.Really happy how my mtb goes after modification.
Review by Jack (Posted on 28/10/2017)
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