sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus for Bosch

sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus for Bosch
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sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus for Bosch – The first E Bike Tuning for MORE range!

The sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus is a tuning tool of a different kind: This tuning tool does not remove the 25 km/h limitation of the engine support, but instead allows a significantly increased range (up to 20%)! It is therefore THE optimal tuning tool if you want to ride a long tour or if you simply want to avoid running out of power on the road.

How does the sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus work?

The built-in sIMPLEk ECOplus stick causes a phase-wise reduction of the factory integrated speed limitation of the motor support.

In other words: As soon as the built-in ECOplus Stick detects a constantly driven speed, the motor support will be gradually switched off. If the speed falls below a certain value or if a certain period of time is exceeded, the motor support is switched on again slowly. This procedure results in a significantly increased range, as more muscle power is required from the driver. You benefit from a range extension of up to 20 percent!

The 25 km/h limit of the engine support remains completely untouched.

Hint: You can attach the sIMPLEk Stick to a self-selected position at your E Bike - we recommend mounting it directly at the handlebar.

Please note that the sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus is delivered as a kit, which the customer has to assemble himself. However, only 4 components are involved, namely board, USB plug, housing and connection cable. But the assembly is very simple, especially because the board is already equipped with the necessary SMD components. However, the USB connector has to be inserted and soldered on the board – that means you need a soldering iron to do this. After that, you only have to insert the board and the USB plug into the supplied housing and the stick is completely put together.

sIMPLEk ECOplus for Bosch - Installation

The installation of the stick into the E Bike is easy; you simply have to mount the sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus in front of the original sensor. To do this, the crank must be removed and the engine cover opened. Now you can unplug the speed sensor. Then connect the industrial connector of the supplied connection cable to the position of the previously disconnected speed sensor and connect the speed sensor itself to the male connector of the connection cable. Now you have to use the supplied cable ties to lay the USB connection cable to the desired position of the sIMPLEk stick - we recommend mounting it directly at the handlebar.

To activate the ECOplus mode, simply plug in the sIMPLEk Stick - and now you will benefit from a much longer range.

Even in the ECOplus mode, the correct speed remains readable. Up to a speed of 30 km/h the current speed is displayed 1:1. Above a speed of 30 km/h or when the engine support is decoupled, the real speed is displayed via the second digit and the decimal place of the display. Here are a few examples:

17 km/h on the display = 17 km/h in reality

31,8 km/h on the display = 18 km/h in reality

33,5 km/h on the display = 35 km/h in reality

Note: In order to display the actual speed for each wheel size in the active ECOplus mode, you have to carry out a one-time calibration the first time you use the device.

Detailed installation and operating instructions can be found "here" (LINK).

sIMPLEk Stick ECOplus for Bosch - Compatibility

- Bosch E Bikes (Classic Line, Active Line, Performance Line, Performance Line CX).

The sIMPLEk Stick is „Made in Germany“.

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