VOLspeed for Yamaha Giant 2017/2018

VOLspeed for Yamaha Giant 2017/2018
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VOLspeed for GIANT Syncdrive Pro / Sport

The VOLspeed tuning module for E Bikes with GIANT Syncdrive Pro / Sport drive systems has an unusually high range of functions. You can not only increase the speed limit to an individual value, but you can also use the tool to reduce the annoying "wall effect" when the maximum supported speed is reached. This means, the engine support will no longer stop so abruptly anymore, giving you a much more enjoyable driving experience. Other tuning tools do not offer this option.

This high-quality tuning module can be installed and operated very easily. The module must be connected directly to the motor and is not visible from the outside after installation. All settings and optimizations can be made conveniently via the E Bike display; there is no PC or Smartphone needed. Even when the tuning is active, the correct speed is still being displayed.

VOLspeed for GIANT Syncdrive Pro / Sport – Advantages at a glance

- Increase your electric bike´s speed limitation to an individual value. Use the arrow keys on your control unit to set the maximum motor support to any value between 25-99 km/h. In comparison to many other E Bike tuning tools, which remove the speed limit completely, the VOLspeed module has the advantage that you can increase the maximum supported speed moderately when required - e.g. from 25 km/h only to 33 km/h. This enables you to benefit from a much more sporty driving style - but with significantly lower battery consumption than if the speed limit had been taken away completely.

- You can switch the tuning on or off at any time with the handlebar buttons (the tuning is always deactivated after switching on the E Bike).

- The E Bike display will continue to show the correct values: Current speed, average speed, distance.

- Reduced “wall effect”: Switch on the "dynamic mode" for this purpose. If this mode is activated, the abrupt stopping of the motor support is significantly reduced when the maximum supported speed is reached.

- Adjust the wheel circumference during setup.

- Uncomplicated installation: The VOLspeed module simply has to be plugged to the motor and is not visible from the outside after installation. Since no cables need to be damaged or modified, the original condition of the bike can be restored without any problems.

- Even after removing the tuning module, the correct mileage will be indicated.

- The module is splash-proof.

VOLspeed for GIANT Syncdrive Pro / Sport - Compatibility

This tuning module is compatible with all E Bikes / pedelecs with GIANT Syncdrive Sport or Pro drive systems with EVO or CHARGE display from model year 2017 onwards. The module also works with model years 2018 & 2019.

Compatible with RideControl ONE control units, too.

Please note:

- This tuning module is compatible with the “Remote” control unit from 2017 onwards, but not with the “Remote” control unit until 2016.

- With GIANT E Bikes only with RideControl ONE control unit and without display, the VOLspeed module can only be operated with restrictions. You can make the settings with the help of the control buttons, but then the corresponding values are, of course, not readable.

Scope of delivery

- VOLspeed tuning module.

- Installation and operating instructions.

VOLspeed for GIANT Syncdrive Pro / Sport – Technical specifications

Dimensions of the module: 43 x 22 x 11 mm

Weight only 0,025 kg

Cable length approx. 140 mm

Power consumption 0.2 W

Required tools for installation (using the example of a Full E+ 0 Pro)

Torx key TX20 / TX25 / TX30

Allen key 6 mm

Lockring tool for Giant / Yamaha PW-X

ISIS crank puller

Chain whip (optional)

Please note that the tools required may vary for other E Bike models.


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Additional Information
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