Speedbox 2 PLATINUM for Yamaha

Speedbox 2 PLATINUM for Yamaha PW-X, PW-SE, PW-X2, PW-TE, PW-ST.
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SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM for Yamaha


This version of the SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM is the optimized successor to the SpeedBox 2 tuning tool for Yamaha electric bike drives. 

The SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM completely eliminates the 25 km/h speed limit of Yamaha engines, so that you can drive at much higher speeds with full motor support. Compared to the "normal" SpeedBox 2, the new SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM is even more powerful, ecological and 30% smaller.

Even with tuning switched on, the E Bike display will show all values correctly - e. g. the current speed, average and maximum speed, range and daily mileage.

The SpeedBox is activated with the WALK button or the LIGHT button. Displays made between 2017-2018 show 9.9 km/h (6.1 mph) after activation. Display from 2019 indicate 9 km/h (6 mph). If you want to operate the SpeedBox independently of the light function, select the activation with the following combination of the ↑ ↓ ↑ ↓ buttons.

Easy installation

An advantage of the SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM is the simple and intuitive installation, which is also easily feasible for non-technical users. Since only coloured original plugs are used, an inadvertent misconnection is practically impossible. You don't need any special diagnostic tools to install this tuning tool. According to the manufacturer's specifications, only high-quality components are used in the manufacture of the SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM which ensures robustness and water resistance. The module is also visually impressive. During the production process, each module is tested several times to ensure the highest quality. The SpeedBox is controlled by a processor that has even been certified for the automotive industry. 

The SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM is manufactured in the Czech Republic.



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