SpeedBox 2 for Giant

SpeedBox 2 for Giant Yamaha Syncdrive Sport / Pro / Life (2017-2020).
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Product Description

SpeedBox 2 for Giant

This is a tuning tool especially for E Bikes with GIANT drive systems 2017-2020. It takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation completely. Even when the tuning tool is activated, the display still shows all values correctly: Current speed, average and maximum speed, mileage, range, etc. The SpeedBox 2 can be switched on or off at any time by briefly pressing the WALK button on the control unit.

Easy installation

The installation of the SpeedBox is very simple, since only colour-coded original plugs are used during installation. Thus you know exactly where and how which cable has to be connected. You do not need any diagnostic devices to install the tool.

After the installation you simply have to press the WALK button to activate the tuning. For confirmation a speed of 9.9 km/h will be shown on the display for about 3 seconds. This signals that the SpeedBox 2 has been activated and that the motor support reaches up to (theoretical) 99 km/h. This means: In reality, you can reach speeds of at least 40 to (max.) 60 km/h with full motor support.

If you want to deactivate the tuning, simply press the WALK button again. Now a speed of 2.5 km/h is briefly displayed. This indicates that the tuning tool is deactivated and the maximum speed of the engine support is limited to 25 km/h again.

Giant 2020: Please activate with WALK and then +

Robust & durable

Only high-quality components are used to produce the SpeedBox 2 (the module's processor has even been certified for the automotive industry). This ensures robustness, longevity and resistance to water. During the manufacturing process, each SpeedBox is tested several times for correct functioning.

Please also note: If you want to attach the SpeedBox 2 to a new E Bike with zero mileage, you should ride at least 1-2 kilometres before installing the box.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Speedbox
Ein Handgriff Nach dem Einbau der SpeedBox 2 kann diese per WALK-Taste aktiviert und deaktiviert werden.
am E Bike Motor Das Tuning sitzt im Yamaha Syncdrive E Bike Motor.
Kalibrierung Keine Kalibrierung notwendig.
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