VOLspeed V3 for Bosch Gen4

VOLspeed V3 for Bosch Gen4
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VOLspeed V3 tuning module for Bosch E Bikes

This is the very latest generation of this popular tuning module for Bosch E Bikes, now even more robust and with a greater range of functions than ever before. VOLspeed V3 is not only compatible with most previous Bosch E Bike engines, but also with the new Bosch 2020 (Gen. 4) drive systems.

The VOLspeed modules belong to the most popular tuning tools on the market. They don't just remove the speed limit, as most other tuning tools do, they offer many more advanced optimization options - for example, you can set the maximum speed to an individual value or reduce the annoying "wall effect" when reaching the maximum speed. The new VOLspeed V3 can do everything that the previous VOLspeed modules could do, but its range of functions goes far beyond that. All settings can be made comfortably via the control buttons on the display, just as usual. In contrast to many other tuning tools, the correct speed is still displayed even when the tuning is active. If you want to get the most out of your Bosch E Bike, this tuning module is definitely top choice.

The VOLspeed V3 tuning module is made in Germany.

VOLspeed V3 – Functions

The core functions of the VOLspeed V3 tuning module at a glance:

- The 25 km/h speed limit is lifted. You have the option of setting the level of maximum engine support to an individual value between 25 and 99 km/h. If you raise the level of engine support only slightly, e.g. from 25 km/h to 35 km/h, you can still drive very sporty, but at the same time benefit from moderate battery consumption.

- All settings can be conveniently set using the control buttons at the display - you do not need a PC or a smartphone.

- After switching on the electric bike, the tuning is always deactivated at first. You can easily switch the tuning on or off using the handlebar buttons.

- Adjustable dynamic mode with reduced "wall effect" – that means the motor support does not stop so abruptly anymore when the maximum speed is reached. The result is a more pleasant driving experience, as you can drive with much more constant pedal force.

- Correct speed is displayed, even when tuning is activated (also applies to other values such as average speed and distance travelled).

- Correct total distance, even after removal of the VOLspeed V3 tuning module.

- Optimized range calculation if tuning is switched on.

- When tuning is switched on: display of remaining range alternates with the battery status (4 seconds range, 1 second battery charge level in percent).

- Workshop mode: deactivate the module completely, e.g. if a workshop visit is pending.

VOLspeed V3 – New functions

As already mentioned, there are a number of improvements and new functions with the VOLspeed V3 module:

- Individual activation code: For the first time it is possible to define an individual activation code when installing the module. So you can prevent the tuning from being activated by unauthorized persons.

- The volume of the module is around 40 percent smaller than that of previous models, making it much easier to place the module in the engine compartment.

- The electronics are completely encapsulated in the housing, making it absolutely waterproof.

- Compatible with the new Bosch 2020 E Bike drive systems, e.g. Bosch CX Gen 4.

VOLspeed V3 – Installation

The installation of the VOLspeed V3 tuning module is simple and can be done within 15 minutes with a little technical skill. The module must be installed at the E Bike engine (after installation it is not visible from the outside). To do this, the module simply has to be plugged into the drive's connections, which are located under the left motor cover. To remove the motor cover you need special tools, usually an ISIS crank puller and a Torx key TX20 (depending on the model).

When installing the VOLspeed V3 tuning module, no cables need to be damaged or modified.

A detailed installation and operating manual can be found "here" (soon).

VOLspeed V3 tuning module for Bosch - Compatibility

All Bosch E Bike drive systems from model year 2014 onwards:

- Active Line
- Active Line Plus
 -Performance line
- CX Line
- Also compatible with the new Bosch 2020 E Bike drive systems, for example Performance CX 2020 (Gen. 4)

Only “Bosch Classic” engines, model year 2013 or older, are not supported.

The VOLspeed V3 tuning module is compatible with the following display types:

Intuvia, Purion, Nyon, Kiox.

Note on COBI.bike: If you plan to convert your E Bike display to COBI (or have already done so), the operation of the module will change. Also, if you are using COBI, it is not possible to set an individual activation code.

Technical data

Dimensions: 3,7cm x 1,9cm x 0,9cm
Cable length 18cm
Weight: 0,025kg
Supply voltage: 12VDC
Power consumption: 0,2W

Scope of delivery

- VOLspeed V3 tuning module for Bosch E Bikes
- Installation and operating manual
- 2 cable ties

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Additional Information
Manufacturer VOLspeed
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