EBikeSpider with Crank Puller

Electric Bike Spider Tool with Crank Puller
You can use the EBikeSpider (=Electric Bike Spider Tool..
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Electric Bike Spider Tool with Crank Puller

You can use the EBikeSpider (=Electric Bike Spider Tool) to easily loosen and tighten the lock ring of Bosch Classic engines (big Spider) and Bosch Active / Performance and CX engines (small Spider).

The EBikeSpider replaces at least two important Bosch electric bike special tools which are mandatory to (1) open the electric bike engine, (2) to change the chain ring and for (3) additional work like the insertion of a protective ring for the bearing.

Furthermore, this bundle already contains the optional crank puller (Shimano Octalink and ISIS). The EBikeSpider is equipped with a 22 wrench for the crank puller. You can use the crank puller to loosen the pedal crank, which is necessary to get access to the lock ring.

The EBikeSpider with crank puller costs only 29,90 Euro. Please keep in mind that each single Bosch Spider tool would cost approx. 30 Euro. That means, if you order this bundle you will get all important special tools for your Bosch electric bike at a very good cost-benefit ratio.

We compiled the EBikeSpider / crank puller bundle to make expensive special tools for Bosch electric bicycles virtually unnecessary. You do not only save money, it also enables you to carry out work all by yourself which normally had to be done at a bicycle repair shop. We will compile other bundles (with chain ring, lock ring, bearing protective ring etc.) for you in the near future.

EBikeSpider Data:

Dimensions: 20cm x 9cm x 3mm
Weight: 160g
Material: Stainless Steel
Origin: Made in Germany

The EBikeSpider has the following tool functions:

  • Opening and closing of the Bosch Classic or Active / Performance / CX lock ring with the Spider.
  • 22 wrench to use the crank puller (Shimano Octalink and ISIS). The crank puller is already included in this bundle.

Hints about the Bosch Lock Ring:

  • 20-25 Newton metres (Nm)
  • Before you use it, please check the information about the Newton metres and be careful to dose it correctly. If you still have a lock ring made of hard plastic, you should simply procure a new, better lock ring made of aluminium.
  • If you use a torque wrench, you need a 22 axis hexagon socket to use the 22 wrench of the EBikeSpider with the appropriate physical effort.

Important: For certain E-Fatbikes the Spider nuts can be located on the inside – if this is the case, the EBikeSpider is unusable. This also applies to Haibike chain rings for E-Fatbikes or Miranda lockrings.

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