SpeedBox 3 for Bosch

SpeedBox 3 for Bosch is a microprocessor controlled tuning module.
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SpeedBox 3 for Bosch 

You own an E Bike with Bosch engine and want to ride without limits? If so, the brand new SpeedBox 3.0 tuning chip for Bosch is the perfect solution!
The SpeedBox 3.0 removes the speed limit of your Bosch drive completely - with this smart chip of the third generation you now even have the option to set the speed limit yourself.
Correct  tempo on the display
Even when tuning is active, the E Bike display still shows the correct speed. This also applies to all other data such as maximum and average speed, daily distance and range - thanks to improved software, the odometer now shows even more accurate values than before.
As already mentioned, SpeedBox 3.0 even has a brand-new feature: You now have the possibility to set the maximum top speed to an individual value, namely 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 or 90 km/h.
The SpeedBox 3.0 was developed from scratch - and in a way that it is able to outwit the "tuning recognition software" from Bosch. For this reason, this tuning tool works not only with the old Bosch drives, but also with the latest generation of Bosch 2020 engines (see below for exact compatibility).
High quality product
In the production of the SpeedBox 3.0, only high-quality components from leading global manufacturers are used. The box not only looks attractive, it is also extremely robust and waterproof. The processor of the tuning chip is even certified for the automotive industry. Each SpeedBox is tested several times during and after production to ensure correct functionality.
This tuning tool is manufactured in the Czech Republic.
Tuning can be switched on and off
You have the option of activating the tuning very conveniently via the WALK button on the display. As soon as the WALK button is pressed, the display briefly shows 9.9 km/h. This indicates that the tuning has been activated and that you can drive with unlimited speed (theoretically up to 99 km/h).
As soon as you press the WALK button a second time, the SpeedBox 3.0 Chip will be switched off again. The display shows 2.5 km/h to indicate that the tuning has been deactivated and the maximum supported speed has returned to 25 km/h. The E Bike will then function exactly as it did before the SpeedBox 3.0 was installed.
If your E Bike does not have a WALK button, you can simply use the key combination + - + - to switch the SpeedBox on or off.
Setting the maximum speed
To set the maximum speed, the mode must be changed: Turbo - Sport - Tour - Eco - Tour - Sport - Turbo. Then the current speed limit is displayed.
If you want to change the current maximum speed, briefly press the WALK button or turn the rear wheel 360°. A displayed speed of 1.5 km/h corresponds to a maximum speed of 15 km/h, a displayed speed of 2.0 km/h corresponds to a maximum speed of 20 km/h, 3.0 km/h in the display corresponds to a maximum speed of 30 km/h, etc. Finally, if 9.9 km/h is displayed, this corresponds to a maximum speed of 99 km/h. After five seconds of inactivity, the last recorded limit is saved.
If you have a Bosch E Bike engine of the 4th generation (from year of manufacture 2020), you must leave the E Bike switched on after the ride is finished until the display shows a constant speed of 0.0 km/h. Within this time the display will show the remaining time in minutes. After that the E Bike can be parked.
Installation of the SpeedBox 3.0 for Bosch
Since the SpeedBox 3.0 chip is connected using special coloured plugs, which are provided with a key for correct connection, the installation of the SpeedBox 3.0 is extremely simple. Every customer can do this himself without any problems. By the way, the SpeedBox can be removed just as easily as it can be attached.
Note: If you have installed the SpeedBox 3.0 in a brand new Bosch E Bike, you must ride the bike for at least 1 km before you switch on the SpeedBox for the first time.
SpeedBox 3 for Bosch – Compatibility
E Bikes with the following Bosch drive systems:
Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Perfomance Line CX including Bosch engines of the 4th generation (from year of manufacture 2020).







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