SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-X & PW-SE 2019

SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-X & PW-SE 2019.
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SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-X & PW-SE 2019

This is a SpeedBox 2 version especially for the new Yamaha PW-X 2019 & PW-SE 2019 E Bikes with the new display variants „A“ or „C“.


The features of the SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-X 2019 & PW-SE 2019 at a glance:

- The module takes away the speed limitation and increases the maximum speed up to 99 km/h (theoretical). In principle, the maximum speed is only limited by your cadence – in reality, you can reach speeds of 40 - 60 km/h with full motor support.

- The display shows correct data, e.g. current speed, daily kilometres & range (no halved values).

- The module can be activated at any time conveniently via the light button.

- Simple installation / special diagnostic devices are not required.

Only high-quality components from leading global manufacturers are used to produce this processor-controlled module. This ensures robustness, durability and insensitivity to moisture. During the manufacturing process, each SpeedBox is tested several times for correct functionality. Since only colour-coded original connectors are used when installing the module, the installation of the SpeedBox is very simple and intuitive. An accidental faulty connection is not possible. In principle, all you have to do is remove the motor cover and attach the connectors mentioned - it's very simple! Since no cables have to be cut or destroyed to install the module, you can remove the SpeedBox 2 at any time and restore your Yamaha 2019 E Bike to its original condition.

Of course, the SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha 2019 comes with connectors that are compatible with the new displays "A" and "C".

Please note: If you have a brand new Yamaha 2019 E Bike, you have to ride it a few kilometres before installing the SpeedBox 2 tuning tool. 

Important hint: The new "SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-X 2019 & PW-SE 2019" does not work on the "old" Yamaha E Bikes with the previous display "X". For these electric bikes you need the previous version of the "SpeedBox 2 for Yamaha PW-X or PW-SE" – “here” or “here”.

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Speedbox
Ein Handgriff Nach dem Einbau der SpeedBox 2 kann diese per Licht-Taste aktiviert und deaktiviert werden.
am E Bike Motor Das Tuning sitzt im Yamaha Syncdrive E Bike Motor.
Kalibrierung Keine Kalibrierung notwendig.
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