eMax Software for Shimano STEPS E8000 with or without Di2

eMax Software for Shimano e8000 with or without Di2
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Product Description

eMax software – tuning for Shimano STEPS E8000

This is one of the most attractive and advanced tuning options for electric bikes with Shimano STEPS E8000 drive systems. It works perfectly with manual and also electronic (Di2) derailleur systems. Unlike other tuning tools, eMax is purely software-based and does not need any physical module or box. Therefore no mechanical installations on the bike are necessary.

Attention: The current eMax software version is not (yet) compatible with the latest firmware version 4.3.4 from Shimano! Whether and when the eMax program will be available again is currently unknown. If you are already an eMax customer, you should not upgrade to the latest Shimano firmware 4.3.4, as this will cause all modifications made with eMax to be cancelled.

A prerequisite for using the eMax software is that you have access to a Windows PC and a Shimano SM-PCE1 interface. The eMax software enables you to set the level for the maximum motor support individually up to 60 km/h for each three support modes (ECO, TRAIL, BOOST). All parameters on the bike display (like speed and distance) will be shown correctly. You can download the eMax software free of charge and check the communication to your bike via PC and PCE1 interface before you order the licence key. If everything runs well, you can order a licence key from us to unlock the tuning functions of the eMax software.  Each licence key is limited to one electric bike.
Off course, you can modify your bike many times and also undo the modifications very easy at any time to restore your electric bikes original settings.
Important: To enable the software to communicate with the STEPS E8000 drive unit, you need a PC with Windows operating system (7x, 8x, 10) and a Shimano SM-PCE1 interface.

Attention: The licence key is explicitly assigned to the electric bike! If you want to modify various electric bikes, you need a licence key for each bike.

Additional note to the order: This product can only be ordered separately, as it is mainly shipped free of charge.
Ordering process:

  1. You own an electric bike with Shimano STEPS E8000 drive unit.
  2. Download the eMax software free of charge and the related documentation at the bottom of this page and check if the program runs on your windows PC.
  3. You have access to a Shimano SM-PCE1 interface.
  4. Connect all components according to the instruction and use the eMax software to read your electric bike´s electronic serial number.
  5. Now you order one (or several) licence keys at the top of this page. You can use the licence key to unlock the additional tuning functions of the eMax software.
  6. At the same time you send a screenshot of the program with your electric bike´s information or / and the assigned log files to the email-address indicated in the program and in the instruction.
  7. After that, we will send you the licence key via e-mail or via postal package (see below), together with your invoice.

Activation / delivery of the licence key:

All functions of the eMax software (except for special tuning functions) can be tested in the cost and licence-free version of the eMax software. Only the licence key is subject to a fee. In order to receive the licence key, you are required to contribute (see above). The generation and dispatch of the licence key after receipt of the electronic serial number usually takes about 1-3 working days.

  • Private customers within the EU receive the licence key via e-mail and the invoice via letter.
  • Customers with a valid VAT ID in Germany will receive the licence key via e-mail and the invoice via letter.
  • For customers with a valid VAT ID within the EU (but outside of Germany) we require a confirmation that you have received the eMax licence key (access confirmation), therefore the delivery of the licence key in these cases is generally only carried out with our standard postal package (invoice enclosed). The package will be handed over after confirmation of receipt by signature.
  • If you purchase the licence key outside the EU, it will also be sent to you with our standard postal package (not via e-mail). This is mainly due to customs reasons. Delivery may therefore take longer. We ask you to take this into account when placing your order and ask for your understanding of this process flow. The package will be handed over after confirmation of receipt by signature.

Customers from the United States of America (USA) and Canada cannot be supplied. Thank you for your understanding.
Functions as of eMax 3.x:

  • motor support without speed limitation (the maximum set value in the eMax software is currently limited to 60kmh).
  • individual full support of all 3 modes (Eco, Trail & Boost).
  • display of real speed value on bike display.
  • display of real total distance recorder value on bike display.
  • possibility to adjust the circumference to the real value for speed accuracy.
  • possibility to change the gear configuration to real setting after mechanical modifications (mechanical vs. electronical [Di2]).
  • possibility to change the transfer ratio to real setting after mechanical modifications.
  • bilingual user interface (English/German).
  • bike could be modified back to delivery status in next to no time.
  • bike could be modified as often as wanted.
  • could be used on bikes with mechanical and electronical [Di2] gear switching on rear derailleur.
  • compatible with all previous STEPS8000 firmware versions. For using the full eMax 3.x feature set, a motor firmware of at least 4.2.7 is necessary.
  • no mechanical changes on bike necessary

Download of eMax program: eMax.zip ZIP - Archiv, 40 KB

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Additional Information
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Customer Reviews (4)
Better than e-tube, fantastic support
Having written about 2 reviews in my entire life im compelled to say what a great product the eMax software is and more importantly the outstanding support after I bodged a firmware upgrade and lost the ability to use the eMax software. Contacting ebiketuning.com I received a detailed email in return a short while later which was very clear and resolved my problem perfectly. The software itself is very well designed and really easy to use and I wouldn't have a shimano steps bike without it now. Great stuff Review by john Robinson (Posted on 28/01/2018)
great evolution
I just got it. This software allows great improvement of the bike and the team support is very reactive. I strongly support!!! Review by Gil3331 (Posted on 13/01/2018)
The perfect solution
I have used a number of different solutions on various motors to raise the restrictive speed limit to something slightly more practical. I had overcome the issue on my Focus with the badass box and this worked fine with no issues. However it is obvious that its fitted and clearly shows your bike is not street legal. Then I read about EMax. My first attempt reported an error but within less than 30 minutes an email response provided so much information and support the error was cleared in minutes and the restriction lifted. Invisible and seamless and so easy to set back to default at any stage. This is by far the best solution with fantastic support and I would recommend it to anyone looking to resolve the same problem. Review by Colin (Posted on 11/01/2018)
used with di2
I was afraid this wouldn't work. After 3 days from order I received my license key.
Itworks very well with Di2 system. Very happy customer. Should be cheaper though
Review by Karl (Posted on 12/12/2017)
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