Badassebikes Box 3.3 Freeze for Shimano with Di2

Badassebikes Chiptuning Box Typ 3.3 for Shimano Steps with Di2
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Product Description

Badass Chiptuning Box V3.3 Freeze for Shimano E Bike Engines with Di2

Simple Shimano Steps Electric Bike Tuning for engines with Di2 shifting system. The device takes away the engines speed restriction.

Badass Box Type 3.3 Freeze – Shimano Steps with Di2 E Bike Tuning

The badassBox Type 3.3 Freeze is compatible with all Shimano mid-mounted engines (e6000 + e8000) with Di2 shifting systems. This device takes away the Shimano engines 25 km/h speed restriction completely – which means, you can drive much faster with full engine support! The microprocessor of the device switches on and off automatically.

This amazing tuning tool can be installed very easily within a few seconds. If you want to drive legally on public roads again, simply remove the Box and your electric bikes original condition is being restored again (motor support up to 25 km/h) – legally within seconds!

Please note: If you use the badassBox 3.3 “Freeze”, the speed shown in the speedometer will be “frozen” at a certain value. The value at which it freezes the speed depends on the particular wheel circumference.

The power supply for the badass Box comes from a photo battery cell (type CR2), which enables a performance of 6000 kilometres or approximately one year (due to self-discharge). Simply open the bottom of the Box if you want to insert a new battery.

By the way: The badassBox can´t cause any electric damage to your Shimano engine, because the signal transmission takes place without any electrical contact (contactless chip tuning). Its functionality can be explained very easily: The device only “freezes” the transmitted speed at a certain value, which raises the maximum engine support. By the way, it makes no difference for the engine if it performs at full power or in the lowest or highest gear.

The badassBox type 3.3 Freeze is splash proof and very resistant to impacts and vibrations.

Every badassBox is being inspected many times during the manufacturing process. Please note: The badassBox is only guaranteed to be genuine with the seal at the back of its housing.

How to mount the BadassBox 3.3 Freeze device:

  • Mount the tuning device via the speed sensor.
  • Use the O-ring at the sensor to mount the device.
  • When using the device for the first time, exchange the cross slot screw at the magnet with the enclosed clamping screw. After that, you will not need any tools to relocate the magnet anymore.
  • Relocate the magnet (see Video): Unscrew – relocate –screw together – that´s all!

How to remove the BadassBox 3.3 Freeze device:

  • Unlock the O-ring.
  • Pull off the BadassBox.
  • Relocate the magnet to its original position.


Please make sure there is at least 15 mm space between the spokes and the sensor. If there is less space, please add this “adaptor plate” to your order.

Technical Data:

Length: 56mm
Height: 47mm
Width: 23mm
Weight: 71g incl. Battery

The badassBox is absolutely splash-proof – the device even works under water.  Made in Germany.

BadassBox Type 3.3 Freeze- Compatibilty:

The badassBox type 3.3 “Freeze” is compatible with all Shimano mid-mounted engines with a Di2 shifting system (e6000 & e8000). For a Shimano electric bike without Di2 you need the “badassBox Shimano”.

Please note:

Due to transport regulations we are not allowed to send Li-Ion batteries abroad (=countries outside Germany). We can dispatch the BadassBox with batteries included inside Germany only.

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