RedPed for Bosch Gen2 and Gen3

RedPed for Bosch Gen2 and Gen3.
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RedPed for Bosch Gen2 and Gen3

The RedPed module belongs to the BlackPed product family and has the following core functions:

- Setting the maximum speed individually from 15 to 75 km/h !

- All km/h values in the E Bike display are displayed correctly !

- Make settings via an smartphone app, take the Smartphone with you or leave it at home !

- Adjust the wheel circumference to the millimetre !

- Set the key combination for activation / deactivation at the E Bike individually.

- Protect Bluetooth data traffic !

- Additional optional freezing or dividing function !

- Logbook function with smartphone and module !

- Many other functions...


E Bike Displays: RedPed for Bosch is compatible with the following E Bike Displays: Intuvia, Purion, Nyon, Kiox. Optimized also for Cobi !

E Bike Motors: RedPed is compatible with these Bosch electric bike engines: Active, Performance, CX or Active Line Plus.

Instructions for the app: EBT_manual.pdf

Tip: First, you should download the EBT app for RedPed to make sure it runs on your smartphone. If this is the case, you can order the RedPed module for your E Bike engine immediately, install it and make your E Bike faster:

E Bike Tuning App E Bike Tuning App

Depending on the E Bike engine and the smartphone operating system, there may be different setting options. Here you can see the settings for the Bosch CX engine with the RedPed module, coupled to an Android smartphone:

Speedometer view “Easy”: 

1: Name of the module

2: Unique address of the module

3: Maximum speed: Reset by a long tap

4: Time travelled

5: Average speed: Reset by long tap

6: Crank turns per minute

7: Current motor support level

8: Current battery power in watts

9: Driver torque at the crank

10: Current speed: Reset all values by long tap

11: Battery level in percent

12: Driver power in watts

13: RedPed calculated range

14: Driver kcal

15: Daily distance: Reset by long tap

16: Current tuning status

17: Total distance: Adjustable by long tap

18: Theoretically maximum final speed when tuning is active, see 6.2

19: Tuning is activated when the e-bike is switched on

20: Tuning is activated until the e-bike is switched off

21: Tuning activation via walk button (0 to 4 times)

22: Tuning activation by light button (0 to 4 times)

23: Tuning activation by switching back and forth to the turbo mode (0 to 4 times)

24: Tuning Activation by switching back and forth to the Off mode (0 to 4 times)

25: Counter that counts how often the Walk key was pressed, turns green when the set number is reached, there are separate counters for 21 to 24.

Speedometer view “Pro”:

26: Average crank turns per minute

27: Maximum crank turns per minute

28: Battery percent per km, averaged over the last 10km

29: Current battery percentage per km

30: Battery watt-hours per km

31: Average battery watt-hours per km

32: Average battery power in watts

33: Maximum battery power in watts

34: Current torque at the crank in Nm

35: Average torque at the crank in Nm

36: Maximum torque at the crank in Nm

37: Current driver performance in watts

38: Average driver performance in watts

39: Maximum driver power in watts

40: Battery cycles: Reset by long tap

41: See EBT_manual.pdf 6.1

42: Wheel circumference in cm or wheel diameter in inches

43.44: See EBT_manual.pdf 6.4

45: Module name: Maximum 9 characters long

Scope of delivery:

- 1 RedPed module (manufacturer: BlackPed)

- Instruction (download as PDF)

- 1 Smartphone App for Android or iOS, available in the App Stores

- No smartphone included

Optional accessories:

- Crank puller (important for opening the E Bike engine)

- Finn smartphone holder (important to attach the smartphone to the E Bike)

- Micro USB charging cable to Micro USB or Micro USB to Lightning (important for charging the smartphone)

 RedPed modules are available for the following E Bike motors:

- Bosch Active, Performance, CX or Active Line Plus

- Yamaha PW-X or PW-SE

- Yamaha Syncdrive with Ride Control EVO / CHARGE display or Syncdrive Life 

RedPed Video instructions: Using the app and installing the RedPed module:

E Bike Tuning App E Bike Tuning App




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Additional Information
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