PearTune MSO for Shimano STEPS E8000

PearTune MSO “max speed off” (still on or normal) is a tuning tool for electric bikes with Shimano STEPS E8000 motor.
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PearTune MSO SH1 for Shimano STEPS E8000

The PearTune MSO SH1 is a tuning module especially for Shimano STEPS E Bikes with E8000 mid-mounted engines (without Di2 gearshift). This tuning tool shifts the maximum engine support from 25 to 50 km/h.

Please note: If your “PearTune MSO for Shimano STEPS” tuning tool is activated, your E Bike display will show only half of the real speed - which means that if your speedometer shows 20 km/h, you are actually driving at a speed of 40 km/h etc.

There are two versions of the PearTune MSO for Shimano STEPS E8000 tuning device:

- With the "normal" version, the module can be activated / deactivated at any time via the light buttons of the e-bike.

- With the "Still ON" variant, on the other hand, the module is always activated as soon as the e-bike is switched on. This version is especially designed for e-bikes without light function that can be activated (the "Still ON" variant also works without problems with e-bikes with an activated light function). By the way, you have the option of getting the light function of your Shimano E bike activated by your e-bike dealer with his special diagnostic tools.

Since only original connectors are used, the installation is very easy – even for non-technical users. The module must simply be connected between the magnetic speed sensor and the motor unit. After the installation no manual settings have to be made, so the module practically configures itself.

The power supply of the PearTune MSO is provided by the light connection of the e-bike (with the "Still ON" version, the power supply is supplied directly via the motor).

Manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Dimensions of the module: 21 x 40 x 12mm.

Weight: About 30g.

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