PearTune MSO for Brose with BMZ display

PearTune MSO “max speed off” is a tuning tool for electric bikes with Brose BMZ display
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PearTune MSO for Brose with BMZ display

A tuning module especially for electric bikes with Brose motors and BMZ displays. Even when the tuning is activated, all values are displayed correctly. The PearTune MSO module completely takes away the 25 km/h limitation of the engine assistance of Brose drive systems ("MSO" stands for "Max Speed Off"). That means, this tuning tool finally enables you to get the full power out of your Brose drive system.

There are two versions of the PearTune MSO for Brose with BMZ display:

- With the "normal" version, the module can be activated / deactivated at any time via the light buttons of the e-bike.

- With the "Still ON" variant, on the other hand, the module is always activated as soon as the e-bike is switched on. This version is especially designed for e-bikes without light function that can be activated (the "Still ON" variant also works without problems with e-bikes with an activated light function). By the way, you have the option of getting the light function of your Brose E bike activated by your e-bike dealer with his special diagnostic tools.

You can easily switch the PearTune MSO on or off at any time via the light button of your Brose E Bike (also while driving). The speed display flashes once to indicate that the tuning has been activated. A big advantage of the PearTune module is that it actually only eliminates the limitation of engine support, all other functions of the electric bike are not affected in any way. For this reason, not only the current speed but also all other parameters (distance, average and maximum speed etc.) are displayed correctly. In short, your Brose E Bike works exactly as before, only the speed limit is lifted! There are also no unpleasant side effects, such as a flickering display, with the PearTune module.

Thanks to compatible connectors, the installation of the PearTune tuning tool is very easy and can be done in a few minutes. You just have to connect the module between magnetic speed sensor and motor as well as between display and motor. After that, all necessary adjustments are carried out automatically (accurate installation instructions are included with the product). By the way, the PearTune does not need its own battery, since the power supply is provided directly via the display connector.

Uninstalling the PearTune module allows you to restore the E Bike to its original state at any time. Any traces on the bike will not be left behind. According to the manufacturer, it should not even be possible to prove with original diagnostic tools that the bike has ever been tuned. By the way, even though the module has been removed, the total kilometres will still be displayed correctly.

Of course, the PearTune's case is waterproof.

PearTune MSO Brose with BMZ display – Compatibility

- All E Bikes with Brose motor and Brose BMZ Sportives display.

BMZ Sportive displays are used, among others, by BULLS or BH electric bikes with Brose drives. This PearTune module even works on models with a Bluetooth dongle.

The module has also been successfully tested with the Marquardt display "Drive" and the Marquardt display "Comfort".

Every PearTune tuning module is tested by the manufacturer on real e-bikes to check the correct functioning.

Developed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.



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