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The SpeedBox 1.0 completely lifts the 25 km/h speed limitation of Panasonic GX0 & GX Ultimate E-Bikes.
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SpeedBox 1.0 for Panasonic

Finally the popular SpeedBox tuning tool is also available for Panasonic E-Bikes! The SpeedBox 1.0 completely lifts the 25 km/h speed limitation of Panasonic GX0 & GX Ultimate E-Bikes. This allows you to ride up to 50 km/h with full motor support. In the end, the actual achievable speed only depends on your cadence.

If you simply want to enjoy the full potential of your Panasonic E-Bike motor - no more and no less - the SpeedBox 1.0 is a very good solution!

Easy installation

The installation of the SpeedBox 1.0 is simple and can be carried out by yourself using simple tools. Only original plugs are used for connection. Since these are different in colour, you know exactly where the respective plugs have to be connected.

Of course the SpeedBox can be removed at any time to undo the tuning.

Please note:

Due to the special functionality of the SpeedBox 1.0, your display will only show half of the real speed. If, for example, a speed of 20 km/h is displayed, you are driving 40 km/h in reality, etc. Also, journey duration and other values are no longer displayed correctly (halved values).

After the installation of the SpeedBox the tuning is always active - the tuning must be neither switched on nor off.

If the SpeedBox 1.0 is installed in a new E-Bike, you should first ride the bike for at least 1 km before using the tool for the first time.

Only electronic components from the world's leading manufacturers are used in the manufacture of the SpeedBox 1.0. The processor of the SpeedBox is even certified for the automotive industry. Each SpeedBox is tested several times during production to ensure correct functionality.

The SpeedBox tuning tools are manufactured in the Czech Republic.

SpeedBox 1.0 for Panasonic – Compatibility

E Bikes with the following Panasonic motors:

Panasonic GX0 und GX Ultimate

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