µ-MBTK tuning-kit for various E Bike drive systems

The functional range of the µMBTK tuning-kit is limited to the absolute essentials: It removes the 25 km/h speed limitation of your E Bike drive system.
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µ-MBTK tuning-kit for various E Bike drive systems

This tuning tool completely removes the 25 km/h speed limitation of your E Bike drive system, which means there will be no speed restriction anymore.

To install this tuning tool you have to do a little manual work. In principle, the tuning kit must be integrated between the speed sensor and engine control unit. To install the tool, you must locate the sensor cable (speed sensor) on the rear frame of your bike and cut it at an appropriate point. Expose the wires at the severed cable ends. The tuning kit is then simply connected in between, for example with the aid of squeeze connectors.

You can connect the cables in such a way that 3 different operating modes are possible:
Option: Switching the speed limit on and off via the 6-12 V light control (if available). Light On=Tuning active / Light Off=Tuning inactive.
Option: Permanent removal of the speed limitation.
Option: Switching the speed limit on and off using a separate switch.

Please note: If the tuning is active, your E Bike speedometer will only display half of the real speed from a pace of approx. 23 km/h.
Detailed installation instructions can be found here: Instructions.

µ-MBTK tuning-kit – Compatibility

In general, the µMBTK Tuning Kit is compatible with many common E Bike drive systems which operate according to the principle v-max via speed sensor (2-wire). Not compatible with new firmwares. For example:

  • Bosch: Active / Performance / CX Line,...
  • Brose (Brose Drive S)
  • Panasonic: e.g. GX0 / GX Ultimate (Flyer Uproc for example)
  • Shimano Steps (E6xxx, E7xxx, E8xxx,...), not compatible with FW 4.7.0. and with E bikes with electronic gearing systems (e.g. Di2).
  • Due to the constant technological change in the field of electric drives, as well as their variety of variants, 100% compatibility with the models specified may not be guaranteed in advance. Furthermore, different firmware versions come into being, which can also be changed subsequently by the manufacturer / user ("software updates"). Please take this into account when making a purchase.

Scope of delivery

  • µ-MBTK tuning-kit
  • Press connectors (crimp connectors) for establishing the connections
  • Instruction manual
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Additional Information
Manufacturer Yeollin
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