JUM-Ped for Neodrives & Xion

JUM-Ped for Neodrives & Xion Software Tuning
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JUM-Ped for Neodrives & Xion

This is the first comfortable tuning solution for E Bikes with Alber Neodrives motors or technically identical drive systems, e.g. Xion. The JUM-Ped not only allows you to increase or adjust the maximum motor support of your Neodrive / Xion engine, you can even carry out various other settings. In this manner you can easily optimize your E Bike drive system in many ways.

JUM-Ped for Neodrives / Xion – The most important features at a glance:

- Individual setting of the maximum engine support from 15 - 37 km/h

Note: In some cases, however, the motor support only reaches up to 31 km/h - whether the motor really supports up to 37 km/h depends on the respective system.

- Individual adjustment of the pushing aid from 1 - 11 km/h

Note: In some cases the maximum speed is only 6 km/h (depending on the software version).

-Support levels individually adjustable from 1 - 5 (50 - 300%).

- Set the standard support level for the E Bike.

- Set the agility (response behaviour) from 1-4.

- Set the wheel circumference.

Tip: This function gives you additional setting options - for example, if you enter a smaller wheel circumference, the system “believes” it runs at a lower speed, so that you can ride faster in reality.

Using the JUM-Ped for Neodrives / Xion is extremely easy. All you have to do is connect the tool to the display of your electric bike and then you can make the desired settings using the control buttons and the display of the JUM-Ped (you do not have to remove the motor or open the motor housing). Once this is done, simply remove the JUM-Ped (settings are automatically saved) - this means that this tuning tool does not remain on the bike. Of course, you can reconnect the JUM-Ped at any time if you want to change the settings or restore the original condition of your E Bike.

The JUM-Ped is exclusively available in the EBikeTuningShop and at EBikeTuning.

Made in Germany.

Important note: Each JUM-Ped is limited to 1 E Bike with Alber Neodrives / Xion drive system. This means: Once you have connected your JUM-Ped to your Alber system, it remains "married" to this system. After that, it is not possible to use the JUM-Ped on any other E Bike anymore. Please note it's not compatible with Z20 motors.

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