Sx2 Dongle for Impulse 2

Sx2 Dongle from Maintronic for Impulse 2 engines

An easy-to-use Speed Tuning Tool for electric bi..
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Product Description

Sx2 Dongle from Maintronic for Impulse 2 engines

  • An easy-to-use Speed Tuning Tool for electric bikes powered by the new Impulse 2 engines.
  • The Sx2 Dongle shifts the Impulse engine support from 25 to 50 km/h (≈ 31 mph).
  • Drive twice as fast with full motor assistance.
  • The device causes no changes in the motor electronics.
  • All Impulse electric bicycle assistance levels are maintained.
  • Easy installation: Just plug the Sx2 Dongle in and start with much more speed!
  • The Sx2 Dongle requires no battery.
  • 100% Outdoor suitable.
  • Permanent maintenance free.
  • You can undo the tuning at any time: Simply pull off the Dongle and you can use your electric bike on public roads again (legal in 2 seconds).
  • Theft-proof thanks to its pluggable design.
  • A high-quality product manufactured by the German company "Maintronic".

Drive up to 50 km/h with the motor power still assisting!

Are you fed up with the Impulse engine power cutting off when you reach the 25 km/h speed limit? If so, you should check out the Sx2 Dongle, an approved tuning tool for electric bike engines. The device removes the speed cut off restriction and shifts it up to 50 km/h. This version of the Sx2 Dongle comes with a cablekit especially for the new Impulse 2 mid-mounted engine. After the installation, the Sx2 Dongle activates itself automatically between 13 and 25 km/h, so that all Impulse assistance levels are kept. Off course, you can always put your electric bike back in its original condition whenever you want to: Simply pull off the Dongle and the engine support will stop at 25 km/h again - like it had been before the tuning. Then you can drive your Impulse electric bike legally on public roads again.

Legal Statement and Liability Disclaimer

  • We want to point out that the use of tuning devices like the Sx2 Dongle is not allowed on public roads, because these tools manipulate the speed of your bike. You may only use electric bike tuning tools on private, closed areas or on designated routes.
  • No liability is assumed for any current or future damages to persons and / or objects caused by the improper use / installation / deinstallation of the Sx2 Dongle tuning tool.
  • You have to use the Sx2 Tuning Dongle at your own risk.
  • The manufacturer´s warranty of your electric bicycle may be limited or can completely expire if you make your bike faster with tuning tools.
  • Please drive carefully. We recommend to wear security clothing and a bicycle helmet.
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