GreenPed for GIANT Syncdrive Sport with RideControl Sport systems.
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GreenPed – Tuning Tool for GIANT Syncdrive Sport with RideControl Sport

The GreenPed tuning module is a variant of the well-known BluePed module and it´s made especially for electric bikes with Syncdrive Sport engines which are being used in (for example) GIANT electric bikes.

The GreenPed device allows you to set the maximum engine support to an individual value from 15 up to 75 km/h (about 46 mph). A great advantage of the GreenPed device is that your electric bike display will still show the correct speed, even if the tuning is activated. Like the BluePed module, the GreenPed device can be conveniently controlled with a free Smartphone app (Android & iPhone). For this reason, the GreenPed module offers much more setting options than most other electric bicycle tuning tools. For example, you got the possibility to set the wheel size individually or to enter a button code to save the device from unauthorized access.

Thanks to the GreenPed app the Smartphone display can show you a very large range of parameters – in fact, even much more than the “normal” electric bike display!

You can activate the tuning at any time via your electric bikes light- or menu-buttons or via the Smartphone (you can set an individual button code). By the way, the original function of your electric bikes light button remains unchanged.

The GreenPed module is compatible with:

Yamaha Syncdrive Sport with RideControl SPORT 

(Please use for Syncdrive Sport / Pro with RideControl EVO / CHARGE / ONE the RedPed)

GreenPed App – Data shown on the Smartphone Display:

As already mentioned: If you use the GreenPed tuning tool, your electric bike display will still show all data correctly (actual speed etc.) – we recommend, however, using the Smartphone app, because it can show you much more parameters:

- Actual speed
- Maximum speed
- Average speed
- Current distance
- Total distance
- Travel time
- Remaining kilometres with engine support
- Battery status
- Battery cycles
- Temperature of the chip
- Current battery charge level in percent divided by Ø per kilometres
- Support Level
- Current power (PWR)
- Average power (ØPWR)
- Battery percent per driven kilometres (% per KM)
- Average value of the last 5 kilometres (Ø % per KM)

Of course, all values can be reset at any time.

Contrary to the BluePed module, the total mileage of the GreenPed module does not have to be balanced out anymore (for example, when you want to uninstall the GreenPed module some day).

Important hint: In principle, the GreenPed App is only needed to adjust the settings of the GreenPed module. Due to the fact that all settings will be automatically saved, you don´t have to take your Smartphone with you every time you want to use your electric bicycle (like mentioned before, you can switch the module on / off via your electric bicycles light- or menu-buttons). Of course, you can change the settings of the GreenPed module or cancel the tuning completely whenever you want to.

The installation of the GreenPed module is very easy and uncomplicated. All tools needed are included in the scope of delivery. Due to the fact that no cables have to be damaged during the installation process, you can restore your electric bikes original state whenever you want to.

By the way, the communication between GreenPed app and GreenPed module is wireless via Bluetooth 4.0.

GreenPed - Scope of Delivery:

- 1 GreenPed module
- Installation guide and operating instructions: GreenPed Manual (pdf).

GreenPed App Download:

You can get the GreenPed App for free right here:

E Bike Tuning App E Bike Tuning App

Our recommendation: Before you buy the GreenPed module, you should download the GreenPed App and check out if it runs on your Smartphone (minimum requirements Android 5.2 and iPhone iOS 9.2).




Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer BluePed
Customer Reviews (2)
Simply amazing
Just installed the Greenped module on my Giant Dirt-E+3 2018 and... wow, it's a totally new bike! Power seems endless.

The LCD module display the real speed
The android app is well made, I've set the max speed to 75km and activation when changing to SPORT mode.

Installation is pretty easy, the hardest part is to arrange all the wires inside correctly before reassembly.

The build quality of the module is just perfect, so does the packaging.
A bit expensive but worth every cent !
The 25kph speed limit on off road bikes is just a nonsense for me so it has to go :-)
Review by THIBAUD (Posted on 02/03/2018)
Great product
Great product, it takes away the annoying 25km/h limit on the syncdrive. It makes the whole ebike experience much more fun because I like to ride usually in the 25-30km/h range (also with non-ebikes). Installation took a bit of time due to some plastic cover caps that where a bit tight on my Giant Quick-E 25+ 2016 (was a afraid to break something so I took my time :-). Instruction videos on youtube really helped here, I really like the fact that you can set everything up via bluetooth in the app. Would be even nicer if the app was more graphical (not just numbers but graphs/dashboard like). The app could theoratically replace the e-bike display itsself. Anyway, great product, good instructions and quick shipment. I am very happy after the first few weeks of useage. Review by Eric (Posted on 25/03/2017)
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