E BIKE BOOSTER for Heinzmann Engines

E BIKE BOOSTER for Heinzmann Engines
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E BIKE BOOSTER for Heinzmann Engines

A tuning tool for electric bikes equipped with a Heinzmann Direct Power drive system like they are being used in ELFEI conversion kits (rear-wheel engines). The E Bike Booster enables you to take away the 25 km/h speed restriction and to shift it up to 60 km/h (about 37 mph)! The display will still show the correct speed.

A great advantage of the E Bike Booster is that it is very easy to use: You don´t need any technical skills, engine and battery do not have to be removed. You simply have to attach the E Bike Booster to the plug connection between the electric bike´s display to the system´s cable harness. After that, you can use the Booster´s control buttons to change your electric bike´s settings. After you have taken away your electric bike´s speed restriction, you have to remove the E Bike Booster again – this means, the tool does not remain at your bike.

This awesome device not only allows you to make your electric bike much faster, you can also set the starting assistance individually from 1 to 15 km/h (normally, the starting assistance only supports up to 6 km/h).

As already mentioned before, your electric bike display will still show the current speed and the driven kilometres correctly, even if the tuning is active. All other functions of your bike will not be influenced, too.

Off course, you can undo the tuning at any time and restore your electric bikes original condition. Simply connect the Booster again and restore the 25 km/h speed restriction (this is no problem, because all values will be saved inside the Booster when you use the device for the first time). After that, you can drive legally on public roads again.

Please note: With the E Bike Booster you can set the maximum engine support theoretically up to 60 km/h, but the actual maximum speed depends on the drive system you use.

Important hint: Each E Bike Booster is limited to 1 electric bike. At this system, you can carry out modifications as often as you want to. This means, if you connect the Booster to an electric bike for the first time, the device gets coupled to this particular bike and you can´t make another bike faster. But you got the option to uncouple your booster from the electric bike again. After that, the Booster can be used to make another bicycle faster. But it is only possible to tune 1 electric bike at the same time.

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