JUM-Ped for Bosch with HMI Display

E Bike Tuning Tool JUM-Ped for Bosch Classic Line Electric Bikes with HMI Display
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E Bike Tuning Tool JUM-Ped for Bosch Classic Line Electric Bikes with HMI Display

Derestrict your Bosch Classic Line electric bike with the JUM-Ped tuning tool. This amazing device takes away the 25 km/h (normal electric bikes) speed limit of the maximum motor support of your Bosch Classic Line engine. Use the JUM-Ped and drive much faster with the engine power still assisting. This version of the JUM-Ped comes with a plug especially for Bosch Classic Line electric bikes with HMI display - if your electric bicycle has an Intuvia display, please choose the other version. A great advantage of the JUM-Ped is that your electric bike´s display will always show the exact speed - although your engine is tuned and the speed limitation is removed.

The installation of the JUM-Ped is very simple and done within a few moments; you don´t need a PC, any sophisticated technical skills or special tools. 

JUM-Ped for Bosch Classic Line Electric Bike Motors with HMI displays - the Features at a glance:

  • A device to de-restrict Bosch Classic Line engines - drive much faster with 100% engine support.
  • Your HMI display will always show the correct speed - whether the tuning is activated or not.
  • The JUM-Ped comes with a LCD display and 4 buttons to control the device.
  • Easy & fast installation.
  • You can set the speed limit back to 25 km/h (electric bicycles) whenever you want to.
  • The wheel circumference can be readout and re-entered (between 500mm and 4000mm).
  • You can enable or disable the bike light.
  • Switch between miles or km in the display.
  • Select the language of the JUM-Ped: German or English.
  • The actual maximum speed depends on the system you use.

User Manual: JUM-Ped-fuer-Bosch-Classic-Line-Motoren-Version-2.pdf (2.18 MB)

Please note: Every JUM-Ped is limited to 1 electric bike at the same time. But from now on it is possible to "divorce" your JUM-Ped from your electric bicycle. After that, your JUM-Ped can be "married" respectively connected with another electric bike again. For example, this "Interchange Function" can be very useful if you buy yourself a new Bosch electric bike and you want to use the JUM-Ped tuning tool again.

Legal Information:

  • It is not allowed to use electric bicycle tuning tools on public roads. Devices like the JUM-Ped are meant to be used in closed areas on private ground only. Please check the legal requirements in your country before you use tuning tools like the JUM-Ped.
  • The manufacturer´s guarantee of your electric bike can expire if you make it faster with tuning tools.
  • Using the JUM-Ped is on your own risk. Please wear protective clothing, a bike helmet which is optimized for electric bikes - and drive carefully.
  • We do not accept any responsibility for damage to people and/or objects caused by the use or the improper installation / deinstallation of the JUM-Ped.
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