BluePed module for Yamaha Powerdrive is one of the most elegant tuning solutions for Yamaha.
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BluePed for Yamaha Powerdrive

The BluePed module is one of the most elegant tuning solutions for electric bikes powered by Yamaha mid-mounted engines. This device can be conveniently controlled via a free Smartphone App. If you use the BluePed tuning tool, your electric bike display will still show all data correctly – even if the device is activated (current speed etc.).
The BluePed module takes away your electric bikes 25 km/h speed limit and shifts it up to 75 km/h (about 47 mph). If this may be a little bit too fast for you, you can adjust the maximum speed to a lower level without any problems – in fact, you can set the maximum speed individually from 15 km/h to 75 km/h!
As already mentioned, one of the big advantages of the BluePed module is that it can be conveniently controlled with a free Smartphone App (Android or iPhone). First and foremost, you can use the App to change the settings of the BluePed module. Furthermore, the App can show you not only the current speed, but even many other relevant data on the Smartphone display while you are riding – the parameters are even much more extensive than the data on your electric bikes display! To make sure you always have a good view on your Smartphone display while you are riding, the BluePed module comes optional with a special Smartphone holder for your handlebar!
The BluePed module offers you much more setting options than most other electric bike tuning tools: For example, you can you use the App to set the maximum engine support to a self-chosen level or adjust the wheel-size. 
Another advantage of the BluePed tuning tool is that it can be conveniently switched on or off via the light switch of your electric bike display (the original function of the light switch remains unchanged). By the way, the Smartphone and the BluePed will communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0.
Important hint: The BluePed App is only needed to adjust the settings of the BluePed module. Because all settings will be automatically saved, you don´t need to take your Smartphone with you every time you want to use your electric bike (like mentioned before, you can switch the module on / off via your electric bicycles light switch). You can change the settings of the BluePed module or cancel the tuning completely at any time.

BluePed Tuning Tool - Compatibility:

The BluePed is perfectly compatible with electric bikes equipped with Yamaha PW engines with LCD / LED display from 2015 onwards – for example, with electric bikes from Winora (Haibike) or Bulls. 

BluePed App - Parameters shown on the Smartphone Display:
If you use the BluePed tuning module, your electric bike display will show all data correctly (for example, the current speed). However, the Smartphone display can show you all these data and much more additional parameters via the BluePed App. We compiled an overview of all data the BluePed App can show you while you are on the road:
- Current speed
- Maximum speed
- Average speed
- Total travel time
- Current distance
- Total distance
- Remaining kilometres with engine support
- Battery status
- Switching between km/h and mph only in the app
- Current battery charge level in percent divided by Ø per kilometres
- RPM (current pedal frequency)
- Average RPM (ØRPM)
- Maximum RPM (MRPM)
- Support Level (STD)
- Current power (PWR)
- Average power (ØPWR)
- Battery percent per driven kilometres (% per KM)
- Average value of the last 5 kilometres (Ø % per KM)
Of course, you can set all values back to 0 (zero) whenever you want to.
Hint: The function “Gesamtkilometer ausgleichen” (=”offset total kilometres”) enables you to get the original driven kilometres, if you want to uninstall the BluePed tuning tool some day.
The installation of the BluePed module is very easy; you can do it at home all by yourself.
BluePed - Scope of Delivery:
- 1 BluePed module.
- Optional 1 FINN Smartphone holder for your bicycle handlebar.
- Optional 1 Charging Cable (micro USB to micro USB or micro USB to lightning). Please note: The charging function does not work for all Smartphone types.
- Installation guide and operating instructions: BluePed Manual (pdf).

BluePed App Download:

You can get the BluePed App for free right here:

E Bike Tuning App E Bike Tuning App

Our recommendation: Before you buy the BluePed module, you should download the BluePed App and check out if it runs on your Smartphone (minimum requirements Android 5.2 and iPhone iOS 9.2).

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