JUM-Ped for BionX RC3

JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3
An easy-to-use tuning tool for BionX electric bikes equipped with a B..
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JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3

An easy-to-use tuning tool for BionX electric bikes equipped with a BionX RC3 remote controller (whether with or without a BionX DS3 display). This device will easily take away your BionX engines 25 km/h speed restriction – that means, you can ride much faster with full engine support!

The JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3 tuning tool can be intuitively controlled with its four operating buttons and the integrated display. At first, you have to connect the device to your BionX system. After that, simply activate the JUM Peds main menu and click on “Vmax: Unlock”, and your electric bikes speed restriction will be cancelled. If you want to undo the tuning again, simply visit the main menu again and click on “Vmax: Lock” - after that, your electric bicycles original condition will be restored (engine support up to 25 km/h).

The menu language can be changed from English to German.

Tuning with the JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3 device is very easy and uncomplicated – you don´t need to remove the engine and you don´t need any special technical skills.

Here we show you how to connect the JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3 to your BionX system:

- Remove your DS3 display´s jack plug from your RC3 controller´s connector port (provided that your electric bike has a DS3 display).

- Then simply connect your JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3 with its jack plug to the connector port of your RC3 controller.

- If your BionX system has a DS3 display, you have to connect your DS3 display to the jack plug socket of the JUM-Ped device. If your BionX system isn´t equipped with a DS3 display, the JUM Peds jack plug socket remains unused.

- Now switch on your BionX system as usual via your RC3 controller.

- After that, your JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3 will be coupled to your BionX system. Use the JUM Peds operating buttons and its display to make the desired settings to take away your electric bikes speed restriction.

- If this is done, simply remove the JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3. That means, this tool does not remain at your electric bicycle. I you want to change the settings of your BionX system (for example, cancel the tuning), simply connect the JUM-Ped again.

Please note:

- Never pull the jack plug out or into the socket if your BionX system is activated.

- Only program any settings if the battery is fully charged and if the charging unit is not connected.

The JUM-Ped for Bion X RC3/DS3 is compatible with:

- All BionX conversion kits with RC3 controller and all serial built-in BionX drive systems with RC3 controller (with or without DS3 display).

Important hint:

Each JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3 is limited to 1 BionX drive system. This means: If your JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3 has been connected to a certain BionX electric bike, the tuning tool can´t be used at another BionX system anymore. If you connect your JUM-Ped for BionX RC3/DS3 for the first time to your BionX system, all configuration values as well as the serial number will be saved within the tuning tool – this can be important if you want to restore your electric bikes original condition again.

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Additional Information
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