MBIQ-CC 2 (Universal)

MBIQ-CC 2 (Universal)
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MBIQ-CC 2 (Universal)

The MBIQ-CC 2 tuning tool is a microcontroller-based universal solution which is compatible with various E-Bike motors with 2- or 3-wire speed sensors and push-in terminal technology. This tool completely removes the 25 km/h speed limitation of the E-Bike drive systems, allowing you to ride much faster with full motor support. In contrast to the conventional MBIQ-CC, the MBIQ-CC 2 offers the additional possibility to switch the tuning on and off via the light signal (only with 2-wire sensors) or with an external switch.

Important note: The MBIQ-CC 2 has the effect that speeds above 25 km/h are blocked for the motor firmware when tuning is activated - in this way the 25 km/h limit is removed. As a result the displayed speed always remains at ≤ 25 km/h - even at actually higher speed values.

For installation, the MBIQ-CC 2 must only be integrated into the existing sensor cable. The procedure is simple, as the cables can be simply inserted into the push-in terminal. No soldering is necessary.

The MIQ-CC 2 is maintenance-free and does not require its own battery (voltage supply is provided via the sensor cable).

MBIQ-CC 2 (Universal) – Advantages at a glance

  • Lifting of the 25 km/h speed restriction.
  • Universal solution for many E-Bike drives with 2- or 3-wire sensors.
  • "Anti Tuning" ready.
  • Programmable by the customer (without additional devices like PC or Smartphone).
  • Externally switchable: Can be turned on and off via switch or light signal (4-12 V DC).
  • Easy installation thanks to push-in terminal.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • No extra power supply necessary.
  • Compact and lightweight (approx. 9 g).

Programmable by the customer:

With the MBIQ-CC 2 you have the option of setting different operating modes by using certain wheel movements when switching on the E-Bike:

  1. Tuning permanently activated (speed limit removed, from a speed of approx. 25 km/h the display no longer shows the correct speed) You can deactivate the tuning by means of the switch.
  2. Tuning permanently deactivated (E-Bike runs as in the normal mode with correct speed indication, motor support ends at 25 km/h).
  3. Tuning according to switch-on condition: In this mode, you can decide for yourself if the tuning should be active or not when you switch on the E-Bike. You can determine this via the light signal. Alternatively, you can also switch on the tuning by placing the magnet in front of the sensor for about 3-4 seconds when the bike is turned on. If you do not do this, the tuning remains inactive.

Please note:

Switching on and off via external switch: The switch is not included in the delivery.
Switching on and off via light connection: Only for 2-wire sensors / 4-12V.
Light control is not possible with 3-wire sensors.

Easy installation

Your E-Bike has a sensor that receives pulses per wheel revolution for speed detection by means of a magnet. The magnet is located either on a rear wheel spoke or alternatively at the brake disc.

As already mentioned, the MBIQ-CC 2 is easy to install because you basically only have to integrate the tool into the sensor line of the E-Bike, which is absolutely no problem thanks to the "Push In" clamp.

Proceed as follows:

First remove the battery before installation.

Gain access to the sensor plug and carefully pull it off the control unit.

Then the MBIQ-CC must be inserted into the cable between plug and sensor using the push-in terminal. Please note that the sensor cable must be cut for this.

If desired, you can now also route the lines to the light signal or to the external switch - this gives you the option of switching the tuning on or off in addition to the programmed operating mode.

The MBIQ-CC 2 is extremely compact and can therefore be installed in a space-saving manner.

You can find detailed installation and operating instructions "HERE”.

MBIQ-CC 2 – Compatibility

The MBIQ-CC is compatible with many common E-Bike mid-mounted motors with 2- or 3-wire speed sensors:

  • Bosch (Active, Performance, CX)
  • Shimano Steps (E6xxx, E7xxx, E8xxx)
  • Panasonic (GX0, GX Ultimate, Flyer)
  • Brose (Brose Drive-xx)
  • Yamaha (PW-xx)
  • AEG (ComfortDrive, SportsDrive)
  • BH (BH 1E)
  • Etc…

The MBIQ-CC 2 is "Anti-Tuning" ready and compatible with all common motor firmware of the respective manufacturers.

Important hint:

The external switch, with which the MBIQ-CC can be alternatively activated / deactivated, is not included in the scope of delivery.

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