Badassebikes Box 4 Freeze for Shimano with Di2

Badassebikes Chiptuning Box 4 for Shimano Steps with Di2
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Badass Box 4 Shimano „Freeze“ for Shimano E Bikes with electronic Di2

Attention: With the new Shimano Update [4.7.0.] many E Bike Tuning products are not working anymore. Please do not update!

The Badass Box 4 "Freeze" is the latest version of the proven badassBox especially for Shimano E Bikes with electrical gearing systems (e. g. electronic Di2). This tuning takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation of your E Bike. You can easily activate the tuning by simply plugging the box on and moving the spoke magnet a little bit. If you want to undo the tuning and restore the original riding characteristics of your electric bike, simply remove the box and move the spoke magnet back to its original position. The whole process takes only a few seconds (see below for more information). 

The Badass Box 4 Freeze connects directly to the speed sensor of the Shimano drive system. How it works: The box causes the transmitted speed to be halved from a speed of approx. 19 km/h, so that the engine support is raised to approx. 50 km/h. There is no interference with the engine electronics or the engine software. Please pay attention: If the badassBox 4 is connected, your electric bike´s display will show an incorrect speed (also valid for values derived from the speed).

The power supply of the Badass Box 4 Freeze comes from a powerful AAA battery. This must only be replaced after a mileage of more than 7000 km or after one year (due to battery discharge). The exchange can be carried out on site at any time; you don´t need any tools to do this.

The functionality of each Badass Box 4 Freeze is being checked several times during the production process. This tuning product is developed and manufactured in Germany.

In contrast to the previous version, the Badass Box 3.3 Freeze, the new Badass Box 4 Freeze for Shimano E Bikes has some basic advantages:

- Completely new developed, slimmer housing.

- Patented snap lock allows even faster mounting and dismounting of the Badass Box 4 (the snap lock replaces the O-ring of the previous version).

- Since the electronics are glued into the housing with a special sealing compound and completely sealed, the Badass Box 4 is even more robust and insensitive to moisture.

- The previous CR2 battery was replaced by an AAA battery. This enables a higher range of over 7000 km or 1 year (because of battery discharge). A further advantage of the AAA battery is that it is easier and cheaper to purchase in case of replacement.

- Specially developed and patented field amplification technology “FEET” (Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology) also provides extra range.

Badass Box 4 Shimano Freeze – Assembly

The installation of the Badass Box 4 Freeze is quite simple, even for technical amateurs. The motor does not have to be opened elaborately; and damage to the E Bike is not possible. The tuning tool simply needs to be mounted on the Shimano speed sensor next to the rear wheel. After engaging the snap lock, the Badass Box 4 is securely attached to the speed sensor. If desired, the box can be additionally fixed with a cable tie, too.

The original magnet must be replaced with the supplied spoke magnet during initial assembly. By the way, if the Badass Box 4 is not installed, this spoke magnet works exactly like the original magnet.

After placing the Badass Box 4 on the sensor, you have to move the spoke magnet a little bit to the edge of the housing in the direction of the snap lock. If the spoke magnet should touch the Badass Box, you have to place the spoke magnet as close to the badassBox as possible and turn it 90° - that´s all!

When you have removed the Badass Box, you have to move the spoke magnet back to its original position (thanks to the Toolfree screw, this can be done easily and without tools at any time). Now the tuning is cancelled and your electric bike gets back its original riding characteristics.

Badass Box 4 Freeze – Compatibility

- All E Bikes with Shimano mid-mounted engines (E6000 / E600x & E8000) and electrical gearing systems (for example, Di2 or NuVinci H sync).

- For Shimano E bikes without electric gearing system (Di2) you need the normal "badassBox 4 Shimano".

Badass Box 4 Freeze – Scope of delivery

- Badass Box 4 Shimano Freeze

- AAA battery

- Spoke magnet with 4mm Toolfree screw

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