Badass Box 3.4 for Pendix

Badass Box Type 3.4 for Pendix Electric Bike Tuning
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Badass Box Type 3.4 for Pendix Electric Bike Tuning

This is a tuning tool especially for E Bikes with Pendix eDrive mid-mounted-engines (Pendix eDrive is a conversion kit which can be used to turn normal bicycles into motorized electric bikes). The Badass Box 3.4 takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation and doubles the engine support up to 50 km/h – that means, you can drive twice as fast with the motor power still assisting. You can remove the box at any time if you want to ride legally on public roads again. Please note that your E Bike display only shows half of the real speed when the tuning is activated - if your display (e.g.) shows 22 km/h, you are actually riding with 44 km/h and so on.

How it works

Depending on the wheel circumference, the Badass Box halves the transmitted speed values from a speed of approx. 18 km/h. So the drive system believes you are only riding half as fast, which doubles the height of the maximum motor support (for this reason the speedometer shows only half of the real speed). The signal transmission takes place without direct electrical contact, so that electrical damage to the E Bike is impossible. The microprocessor of the Badass Box turns itself on and off automatically, so you don't have to do anything.

The Basass Box type 3.4 is powered by a photo battery cell (type CR2), which, thanks to a special low-power technology, allows a range of approx. 6,000 km or 1 year (battery discharge). Since the bottom of the box can be opened, you can replace the battery without problems at any time.

Compared to the previous models, the Badass Box type 3.4 has been improved in many ways - e.g. the electronics have been optimized, the housing reinforced, the firmware better adapted to the drive systems of the various manufacturers, etc. In addition, this version of the Badass Box is even less sensitive to shocks and vibrations. Of course, the box is absolutely splash-proof.

Each Badass Box is tested for correct functionality several times during the production process. Important: The box is only genuine with the seal on the bottom of the case!

Badass Box Type3.4 for Pendix – Data and compatibility

- Dimensions: length 54mm / height 42mm / width 22mm

- Weight: 64g (incl. battery)

- Compatible with all Pendix E Bike mid-mounted engines.

- Scope of delivery: Badass Box version 3.4 for Pendix with battery and cover, O-ring, Toolfree 4mm

Attaching the Badass Box Type3.4:

- Attach the Badass Box via your E Bike´s speed sensor.
- Use the O-ring to mount the Badass Box to the sensor.
- When using the magnet for the first time, replace the slot screw of the magnet with the enclosed Toolfree (clamping) screw. This has the advantage that you will not need any tools when relocating the magnet in the future.
- Now you only have to relocate the magnet. Loosen the screw – relocate the magnet – tighten the screw again – that´s all! Please watch this video “here” (LINK).

Important: Please note that there must be at least 15mm distance between sensor and spokes. If the distance should be smaller, please add this "adapter plate" (LINK) to your order.

Removing der Badass Box

- Unlock the O-ring used to secure the Badass box.
- Pull off the Badass box.
- Move the magnet back to its original position.

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