Badass Box 4 for Shimano

Badass Box 4 for Shimano Electric Bike Tuning. Just one version for all Shimano mid-mounted drives – with mechanical and electronic gearshifts (Di2). Tested with E8000 and firmware 4.7.0 and 4.7.1.
Please ask in case of Di2 hub gears.
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Badass Box 4 for Shimano


New: Compatible with firmware 4.7.0. & 4.7.1 (tested with E8000)! Just one version for all Shimano mid-mounted drives – also with Di2!

Attention: Please compare the speed sensor on your bike with the pictures above regarding compatibility!

The optimized and in many respects improved version of the badass Box for E Bikes with Shimano engines. The Badass Box 4 removes the 25 km/h speed limit of the Shimano drive system, so that you can drive much faster with full engine support. After the installation, thanks to a new snap lock, the box can be quickly plugged or unplugged with just one hand, enabling or disabling the tuning in no time at all. If the badassBox 4 has been removed, the E Bike is back in its original condition.

The Badass Box 4 works by transmitting a modified signal without electrical connection to the motor or intervention in the motor electronics (or motor software) - this in turn enables the speed limit to be exceeded.

Please note: If the Badass Box 4 is active, the E Bike display will no longer show the correct speed (this also applies to other values derived from the speed). To get the correct driving data, we therefore recommend additional devices with appropriate GPS functions (smartphones, bicycle computers etc.).

The power supply of the Badass Box 4 comes from a powerful AAA battery. This battery must only be replaced after a mileage of more than 7000 km or after one year (due to battery discharge). The exchange can be carried out at any time on site, without any tools. 

Since the Badass Box 4 electrical system has been glued and sealed into the housing with a special casting compound, it is more robust and insensitive to moisture than all other badassBox versions before.

Each Badass Box 4 is thoroughly tested twice during production.

The advantages of the new badassBox 4 compared to the previous badassBox type 3.3:

- Completely redesigned, slimmer housing with patented snap lock ensures even faster assembly and removal (the O-ring from the previous version is no longer required). Customers benefit from an easier installation thanks to the slimmer housing.

- Longer range of more than 7,000 km thanks to a new AAA battery and patented “Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology” (FEET). In case of replacement, the AAA battery is also much cheaper and easier to obtain than the previous CR2 battery.

- Even more robust, thanks to a special casting compound from the automotive industry. Better protection against moisture and mechanical stress than ever before.

- At customer's request, an additional optional securing device was provided with cable ties on the snap lock.

The Badass Box 4 is a quality product developed and manufactured in Germany. 

Badass Box 4 – Assemby

The installation of this tuning tool is easy and does not pose a problem even for non-technical users. The engine doesn't have to be opened and the bike can't be damaged. The badassBox 4 must simply be mounted on the Shimano speed sensor next to the rear wheel. After engaging the snap lock, the badassBox is securely attached to the speed sensor. If you like, you can secure the box with a cable tie, too. 

Please note that the original magnet must be replaced by the supplied spoke magnet during initial assembly. By the way: If the badassBox is not installed, this spoke magnet works exactly like the original magnet.

After the badassBox has been mounted on the sensor, you have to move the spoke magnet towards the edge of the housing in the direction of the snap lock. If the spoke magnet touches the Badass Box, place the spoke magnet as close to the badassBox as possible and turn it 90° - that's it! 

When you have removed the Badass Box, you must return the spoke magnet to its original position. Thanks to the Toolfree screw, this can be done easily and without tools at any time.

BadassBox 4 – Compatibility

- All E Bikes with Shimano mid-mounted engines (E6000 & E8000).


Badass Box 4 – Scope of delivery

- Badass Box 4 Shimano

- AAA battery

- Spoke magnet with Toolfree 4mm screw 

Badass Box 4 – Technical specifications

Dimensions: 15 x 59 x 40 mm

Weight: 27g (38g with battery)

Battery: 1.5V AAA battery (IEC R03)

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