RedPed 2 for Haibike Yamaha PW-X / PW-SE / PW-X2 / PW-TE / PW-ST 2019 display A, C & X

The maximum speed of the RedPed 2 module for Yamaha can be set via the app to an individual value between 15 and 75 km/h (the maximum speed actually achievable depends on the engine and the chain ring).
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RedPed 2 for Haibike Yamaha PW-X / PW-SE / PW-X2 / PW-TE / PW-ST (until 2019) display A, C & X

This tuning module is part of the popular BlackPed product family and offers extensive optimization options. After installing the module, you can optimize the settings of your Yamaha drive system in many ways. But that's not all: The EBT Smartphone App shows you an unusually wide range of parameters that goes far beyond what the normal E Bike display shows. By the way: Even when the tuning is active, the E Bike display still shows the correct speed.

Basically, you only need the EBT app to carry out one-time settings on your E Bike. You have the possibility to generate your own activation code with which you can switch the tuning on or off even without a smartphone. Of course, you can connect the E Bike to your smartphone at any time to change the settings again.

The RedPed module itself must be connected between motor and speed sensor as well as between motor and display. No special technical knowledge is required.

The core function of the RedPed module is classic tuning, which allows you to lift the 25 km/h (or 45 km/h) speed limitation and to make your E Bike much faster:

-The maximum speed can be set via the app to an individual value between 15 and 75 km/h (the maximum speed actually achievable depends on the engine and the chain ring).

Instruction: EBT_RedPed2 Manual

Tuning mode

You can choose between two different activation modes via the app:

-Tuning for one ride (tuning is active until the E Bike is turned off).

-Always on (the tuning is always active even if the E Bike is switched off and on again).

You can also choose between different tuning operating modes:

-“Freezing" (this means that the speed remains constant after the set value has been exceeded)
-"Slider divide speed at"

Activating the tuning

You can easily switch the tuning on and off using the app or your E Bike´s control buttons. This has the advantage that you don't have to take your smartphone with you every time you want to use your bike. You can set how you want to activate or deactivate the tuning module on your E Bike:

This is possible by multiple switching between the "OFF" and "ECO" or the "STD" and "HIGH" support levels. Optional activation / deactivation using the light button is possible, too.

New Function: E-Bike Display Offset:

The value can be set between 0 and -15 km / h. The speed in the e-bike display is reduced by the set value. If you set the slider e.g. at -5 km / h, only 25 km / h are displayed in the e-bike display at a real 30 km / h. All other values ​​are however counted correctly.

PIN Code:

Before the data of a module can be read out, a PIN must be entered. The PIN is always 6 digits and can be changed in the app. If the entered new PIN is too short, zeros are prefixed, e.g. "123" is entered, the PIN is automatically changed to "000123". The PIN can be reset to "000000" via the reset connector.

Further functions of this RedPed module

-Extensive data via smartphone app (up to 25 parameters, depending on your drive system & smartphone).
-Correct indication of all km/h values in the display.
-Set wheel size in inches.
-Bluetooth data traffic can be protected.
-Logbook functions (with GPS recording).
-Various other functions...

Our tip: First download the EBT smartphone app to test if it runs on your phone. If this is the case, you can order the module to optimize your E Bike and make it faster. Please note: If you got an Android smartphone, location sharing must be enabled to use the EBT app.

Data display via app

Here you can see a selection of parameters that are displayed to you via the EBT smartphone app when you use this RedPed module:

-Speed in km/h (current / average / maximum)
-Crank rotation speed / revolutions per minute (current / average / maximum)
-Crank torque in Nm (current / average / maximum)
-Driver power in Watt (current / average / maximum)
-Engine power in percent (current / average / maximum)
-Battery status in percent
-ØA/KM: Battery discharge per KM in percent, averaged over the last 10km
-Range in KM
-Driving time in minutes
-Battery cycles (number)
-KCAL (used KCAL of the driver)
-Daily distance (current distance travelled)
-Total distance (mileage of the module)

When displaying the data on the smartphone display, there are numerous variation possibilities available to you - e.g. you can change the colour of certain values individually, hide individual values, change the text size, etc.

Smartphone app:

-Android version 7 or newer.

-iOS 10.0 or newer. Compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch.


E Bike Tuning App E Bike Tuning App

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