RedPed for Shimano

RedPed for Shimano.
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RedPed for Shimano

Finally the popular RedPed module is also available for E-bikes with Shimano drive systems. Like the other RedPed modules, this module offers you adjustment options that go beyond what most other E Bike tuning tools can offer. After installing the module, you can conveniently configure all settings using a smartphone app (EBT app for iOS or Android). The app and module are wirelessly connected via Bluetooth. 

Of course, the core function of the module is the removal of the 25 km/h speed limitation of the E Bike engine. In contrast to many other tuning modules, the RedPed module has the advantage that you can set the maximum motor support to an individual value. 

Easy installation 

The installation of the RedPed module is simple and requires no special technical skills. The module must be connected between speed sensor and motor as well as motor and display. This is done very simply via plug connectors. The power supply of the module is provided via the light connection - therefore a separate battery is not required.

How it works: After installation, the module measures the actual speed and generates its own speed signal, which is transmitted to the engine control unit. By generating a lower speed, the 25 km/h limitation of the engine support is removed. The RedPed for Shimano thus works on the principle of "dynamic sharing", which is why the E Bike display will not show the correct speed when the tuning is active. You can, however, always view the actual (real) speed via the EBT app.

Our tip: Before you order the RedPed module, you should first download and install the EBT Smartphone app. Then you can check out if it runs on your smartphone. The app even has a special demo function for this. If the app is running, you can order the module with a clear conscience and speed up your E Bike.

RedPed for Shimano – Functions at a glance

Set the maximum motor support to an individual value between 25 and 50 km/h (for E Bikes with Di2 gearshift you should set the max. speed to 45 km/h, as higher speeds are not possible).

You can switch the module respectively the tuning on and off at any time via the app or via the light button of the electric bike. Via the module you can also set whether the tuning should always be active (even if you switch the E Bike off and on again).

"Divide speed at": Set the speed at which the tuning should start. You can choose a value between 10 and 24 km/h (for E bikes with Di2 we recommend 15 km/h).

Set the wheel diameter (in inches).

Set pin: Protect the module from unauthorized access by entering an individual pin number (6 digits).

Visibility: Set how long a smartphone can connect to the RedPed module after switching on the electric bike. This prevents third parties from gaining access to the module.

Define an individual module name. 

Displayed values in the smartphone app

If you have installed the RedPed module and coupled it with the EBT app, you can have a lot of interesting data displayed on your E Bike display. We therefore recommend that you attach your smartphone to your E Bike handlebar using a holder so that you have a good view on the data when on the road.

Data displayed on the main screen:

Speed: Current (real) speed

Travel time in minutes

Maximum: Maximum speed reached

Average: Average speed

Daily route

Total distance

Connection status

Module name

You can adjust the font size if necessary, individual values can even be coloured.

RedPed for Shimano – Compatibility

E Bikes with the following Shimano STEPS drive systems: EP-8 (for ebikes with factory light function), E5000, E6100, E7000, E8000 / motor firmware up to 4.9.0 The module is compatible with all displays and also with E bikes with Di2 gears.

EBT app - Smartphone compatibility

Android: Version 7.0 or higher

iOS: Version 10.0 or newer

The connection between Smartphone and RedPed module runs wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.0.

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