RedPed 2 for Bosch Gen4, Gen3 and Gen2

RedPed 2 for Bosch Gen4, Gen3 and Gen2 - Tuninf with Smartphone App
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RedPed 2 for Bosch – High-end tuning via Smartphone app

The RedPed 2 is an innovative tuning module for Bosch E Bikes that can be conveniently controlled with a Smartphone app (iPhone & Android). As a result, this tuning tool has an unusually wide range of optimization options. Of course, the essential core function of the module is the removal of the 25 km/h (or 45 km/h) speed limitation.


E Bike Tuning App E Bike Tuning App


In addition, the Smartphone app allows you to view countless parameters that go far beyond what the normal E Bike display can show you. In terms of functionality, there are virtually no other tuning tools for Bosch engines that can compete with the RedPed 2. By the way, your Smartphone is not mandatory to use the tuning module - it is sufficient to make the desired settings once. You can switch the tuning on or off at any time using a self-defined activation code using the control buttons of your display. Therefore it is not necessary to take the Smartphone with you on every journey.

Another advantage: Even with active tuning, the E Bike display continues to show the correct speed.

Compared to the previous version, the RedPed 2 has a whole range of improvements - for example, starting the app has been accelerated, and when the module is removed, the total mileage is updated. This means that, even after removing the module, the correct total kilometres will be displayed. Another new feature is the so-called "troll mode", which makes it more difficult for unauthorized persons to use the E Bike.


Compatible with Bosch Gen4

The RedPed 2 is not only compatible with the well-known Bosch Gen2 and Gen3 drive systems (Active / Performance), but even with the new Bosch Gen4 engines with tuning detection. However, the maximum speed of the Gen4 drives may only be increased to a maximum of 33 km/h using the module - at higher values it cannot be ruled out that the anti-tuning software detects the RedPed 2.

Due to its enormous range of functions, the RedPed 2 module can be described as probably the most powerful tuning tool for Bosch E Bikes ever.

Made in Germany.

RedPed 2 for Bosch – Key features and advantages

  • Removal of the speed limitation (25 km/h or 45 km/h). You can set the desired maximum speed to an individual value between 15 and 75 km/h (however, the actual speed that can be reached depends on engine and chain ring). Please note: New Bosch Gen4 engines are equipped with anti-tuning software. With these engines it cannot be ruled out that the tuning module is detected at speeds above 35 km/h. Therefore, in this case, users should only set the engine support to a maximum of 33 km/h.  If a user wants to set a higher value, a warning message appears in the app. If the user confirms, a higher value can also be set - but at his own risk.
  • Correct speed indication in the E Bike display, even when tuning is active.
  • Correct total kilometres, even after removal of the module.
  • Tuning can be switched on and off via the app or via the control buttons of the display. You can use the app to set an individual activation code to turn on the tuning (activation via the E Bike´s control buttons). You can also use the app to set that the tuning should always be active.
  • Extensive data & setting options via Smartphone app.
  • "Share speed at" (10-24 km/h). Here you can set the value at which the speed is divided internally.
  • PIN code: Set a PIN code to prevent unauthorized access to the app.
  • Set module name.
  • Set visibility: Here you can specify how long the Smartphone can connect to the module after the E Bike is switched on (the module can become invisible after a set time to prevent third parties from accessing the module - visibility can be set from 0 to 240 seconds or to permanent). You can define your own activation code to regain visibility.
  • Troll mode (new): In the “Troll mode” the bike will shut down after a certain time if the app is not switched on and connected to the bike. This is not a real theft protection, but with the troll function you can annoy riders who have access to the E Bike but are not allowed to ride.
  •  Extremely extensive parameters via the Smartphone app.
  • Set wheel size in inches (18.7" - 31.2").
  • "E Bike Display Offset": With this function you can reduce the displayed speed of the E Bike display by a self-selected value from 0 to -15 km/h (so that, for example, instead of a real speed of 30 km/h only 25 km/h is displayed, etc.).

Easy installation

The installation of the module is simple and requires no previous technical knowledge. In principle, the module simply needs to be connected between the speed sensor and the motor and between the motor and the display.

How it works

After installation, the RedPed module measures the actual speed and generates a separate speed signal for the engine control unit. After starting the E Bike, the RedPed module disconnects the communication between the engine control unit and the E Bike display and sends its own data to the display. By generating a lower speed, the 25 km/h (or 45 km/h) speed limitation is outwitted. This allows riding much faster with full engine support.

Data displayed via App

With the RedPed app you can display unusually extensive parameters that go far beyond what the normal E Bike display can offer. Here you can see a selection of the data the app can show you:

  • Speed (current, medium and maximum in one line)
  • Support level
  • Battery charge level in percent
  • Battery power in watts (current, medium and maximum in one line)
  • Range in kilometres
  • Travel time in minutes
  • Battery cycles
  • KCAL (burnt KCAL of the driver)
  • Daily distance in kilometres
  • Total distance (total mileage of the module)
  • Crank speed in rpm (current, medium and maximum in one line)
  • Crank torque in Nm (current, average and maximum in one line)
  • Driver power in watts (current, average and maximum in one line)

By the way: The app offers various options to make the displayed values appear more clearly - e.g. you can change the colour of certain values or hide values completely. The text size can be adjusted, too.

RedPed 2 for Bosch – Compatibility

The RedPed 2 is compatible with Bosch Gen2, Gen3 and the new Bosch Gen4 E Bike drives: Bosch Active Line & Performance Line engines from 2014 - 2019 + Bosch Gen4 / model year 2020.

The following displays are compatible: Intuvia, Kiox, Nyon, Purion, Cobi

Please note: The RedPed 2 is not compatible with Bosch Gen1 drives (Bosch Classic Line).

RedPed 2 module – Technical data

  • Dimensions: 5.3 x 2.1 x 0.8 cm
  • Cable lengths: 7 cm / 10 cm
  • Power: 150 mW
  • Transmission range: 10 m
  • Radio connection via Bluetooth 4.0

Of course the module is splash-proof.



E Bike Tuning App E Bike Tuning App




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