MBTQ E-Bike Tuning for TQ HPR 120S & Haibike Flyon motors

MBTQ E-Bike Tuning for TQ HPR 120S & Haibike Flyon motors
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MBTQ for TQ HPR 120S / Haibike Flyon

The TQ HPR 120S engines, which are used, for example, in the Haibike Flyon series, belong without doubt to the most powerful E-Bike drives at all. However, the enormous power of these motors is limited by the preset speed limitation. This limitation will be eliminated by the MBTQ tuning tool, so that you can finally use the enormous potential of the drives to the full. You can then ride much faster than before with full motor support!

The MBTQ for TQ HPR 120S / Haibike Flyon is a practical plug-in solution that must be integrated into the existing line of the speed sensor. The tool is equipped with suitable connectors for this purpose.

The MBTQ works microcontroller-based and removes the 25 km/h speed limit completely. This is made possible by the fact that the tool analyzes the current speed profile after installation and, if the tuning is activated, outputs manipulated values (speeds above 25 km/h are blocked for the motor firmware). Thus the preset speed limit will be outwitted and lifted. By the way, the evaluation of the engine software is not influenced by the manipulated values (however, due to the manipulated speed values, the total mileage may show slightly lower km than actually driven).

Tuning can be switched on and off

The scope of delivery includes a compact taster (incl. its own line), which enables you to switch the tuning on and off as required by pressing a button.

The connection of the taster is optional - that means, the taster is not mandatory for the use of the MBTQ tuning tool. If you do not connect the taster, the tuning is automatically active as soon as you switch on the E-Bike (= speed limit is removed).

You can also use the taster to program the behaviour of the tuning upon system start ("tuning at start on" or "tuning at start off").

The MBTQ is 100% maintenance free and does not need a separate power supply or battery.

Please note:

Due to the special functionality of the MBQT, the E-Bike display will only show the correct speed up to a pace of about 23 km/h when the tuning is active. At higher speeds, the displayed speed will always stay below 25 km/h - even if you ride much faster in reality.

Our tip: Use GPS-enabled additional devices such as smartphones or bicycle computers to display the correct speed when you are on the road.


The MBTQ must be integrated into the line of the existing speed sensor, which is done via the plug connections in the engine compartment. Therefore the MBTQ is equipped with two suitable connectors – 1 x for the engine & 1 x for the sensor. Additionally there is a separate, optional connector for the taster. Please note that the cable of the taster may have to be led through the frame.

If necessary the MBTQ can be removed and the tuning can be undone.

A detailed installation and operating manual can be found "here" (unfortunately only in German).

MBTQ for TQ HPR 120S / Haibike Flyon – Data at a glance

  • Speed limit is removed completely.
  • Operating principle: Speed manipulation (no halving).
  • Display indication: From approx. 23 km/h no more correct speed display (display remains constantly below 25 km/h).
  • Weight: 6 g (without the taster).
  • Extremely compact thanks to highly integrated electronics.
  • Connection type: The MBTQ must be inserted into the line between speed sensor and motor.
  • Tuning can be switched on and off with the optional taster (in delivery state the tuning is always activated after installation).
  • Connection length: Approx. 5 cm (the connection length of the taster, which can be used to switch the tuning on and off, is 1 m).
  • Own battery: Not necessary, the power supply is provided passively via the sensor path.
  • Completely maintenance-free.
  • Made in Germany.

MBTQ für TQ HPR 120S / Haibike Flyon – Compatibility

This tuning tool is compatible with E-Bikes with TQ HPR 120S mid-mounted engines. Therefore it is compatible with E-Bikes from the Haibike Flyon series (XDURO, NDURO, ALLMTN, ALLTRAIL, ADVENTR, ...).

The tool is compatible with all current motor firmware ("anti-tuning-ready"). Tested until FW V1.5.137.

Not compatible with an easy spoke magnet, e.g. M1!

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