MBIQ-S Tuning Sensor AEG / Bafang / Prophete

After installation, the MBIQ-S analyzes the current speed profile and, if the tuning is active, outputs manipulated values. This allows you to drive much faster with full motor support.
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MBIQ-S tuning sensor for AEG / Bafang / Prophete

Here is a practical tuning tool in form of a ready-to-use sensor solution. The MBIQ-S removes the 25 km/h speed limit of E-Bike drive systems completely – this means, finally you can use the full potential of your E-Bike engine! For installation, simply replace the original speed sensor with the MBIQ-S. If desired, the original condition of the E-Bike can be restored at any time. The tuning sensor is programmable by the customer, so that the tuning can be switched on and off. The MBIQ-S works microcontroller-based and does not need an own battery.

The MBIQ-S is made in Germany.

How it works

After installation, the MBIQ-S analyzes the current speed profile and, if the tuning is active, outputs manipulated values. More precisely, speeds above 25 km/h are blocked for the engine firmware, so that the speed limit is removed. This allows you to drive much faster with full motor support.

Please note: Due to this special operating principle, the E-Bike display shows only manipulated values from a speed of approx. 22 km/h onwards (if the tuning is switched on).

The evaluation of the engine software is not affected by the manipulated values ("anti-tuning ready").

Programmable by the customer

In contrast to its predecessor models, the MBIQ-S can be programmed by the customer. This gives you the possibility to switch the tuning on or off as required. There are three different operating modes available, which can be selected by making certain sequential wheel movements when the E-Bike is switched on. You do not need a PC or Smartphone for programming. You can choose between these three modes:

Mode 1: Tuning permanently activated (the speed limit is permanently lifted, no correct speed display from approx. 22 km/h).
Mode 2: Tuning permanently deactivated (motor support only up to 25 km/h, correct speed display).
Mode 3: Tuning activation according to switch-on condition: Here you can use the magnet when starting up the E-Bike to determine whether the tuning should be switched on or not (to activate the tuning, the magnet must be in front of the sensor for at least 4 seconds during startup - otherwise the tuning remains deactivated).

This video explains in detail the programming procedure - "here".

If carried out correctly, the display shows the set operating mode by briefly displaying certain speed values.


The installation of this tuning tool is easy, because you only have to exchange the original speed sensor with the MBIQ-S. With a little bit of technical skill this can be done easily by yourself. You can keep the original sensor in case you want to restore the original state of the E-Bike at some time.

Please note: To install the MBIQ-S, the motor cover must be removed briefly. This is necessary to gain access to the plug end which is plugged into the engine compartment.

The appearance of the E-Bike is not changed by the installation, because the MBIQ-S looks very similar to the original sensor.

A detailed operating and installation manual as a PDF can be found "here" (LINK to https://yeollin.info/files/manual_mbiq-s_bafang.pdf).

MBIQ-S tuning sensor – Compatibility

This tuning tool is compatible with many E-Bike mid-mounted motors with 4-pin connector (HIPO), e.g. AEG Comfort Drive, Bafang, Prophete E-Bikes...

The MBIQ-S is compatible to all common engine firmwares of the respective manufacturers.

MBIQ-S tuning sensor for AEG / Bafang / Prophete – Technical data

  • Type of connection: Replacement sensor.
  • Operating principle: Speed manipulation (no halving).
  • Display indication: Manipulated values from about 22 km/h onwards.
  • Connection length: 55 cm.
  • Switching on/off: Yes, via programming.
  • Power supply: No battery required, the MBIQ-S is passively supplied via the sensor path.
  • Weight: approx. 15 g.


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