MBIQ-S Tuning Sensor - Shimano Steps E Bikes

This is a microcontroller-based sensor solution for E Bikes with Shimano Steps mid-mounted engines. This tuning tool removes the 25 km/h speed limitation completely
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MBIQ-S tuning sensor for Shimano Steps E Bikes

This is a microcontroller-based sensor solution for E Bikes with Shimano Steps mid-mounted engines. This tuning tool removes the 25 km/h speed limitation completely, so that you can finally enjoy the full potential of your Shimano drive system. The MBIQ-S is thus reduced to the absolute essentials, namely the removal of the speed limit - there are no further functions. The installation of the tool is easy, because basically you only have to exchange the speed sensor of your electric bike by the MBIQ-S.

You do not need an extra battery for the MBIQ-S.


After connecting the tuning tool, the MBIQ-S analyses the current speed profile and transmits manipulated sensor values. Speeds of more than 25 km/h are blocked for the motor firmware, so that the speed limit of the engine will be lifted.
Important note: Due to this special mode of operation, the speedometer of your electric bike will no longer display the correct data from a speed of approx. 25 km/h. To be precise, the displayed speed will therefore always be ≤ 25 km/h.

By the way, the analysis of the motor software is not affected by the manipulated values in any way (no detection).

Three operating modes

In contrast to its predecessors, the MBIQ-S can be programmed by the customer. The individual operating modes can be switched on by certain wheel movements when switching on the E Bike. You can choose between three different operating modes:

  1. The tuning is always switched on (the speed limit is permanently removed, from approx. 25 km/h the displayed speed no longer corresponds to the real speed)
  2. The tuning is permanently switched off (the speed limit is not lifted, engine support up to 25 km/h with real speed display)
  3. Tuning depending on switch-on condition: To turn on the tuning, the magnet must be in front of the sensor for about 3-4 seconds during start-up, otherwise the tuning is deactivated. This can be useful - for example, if you want to switch off the tuning before a visit to a repair shop (in this case. the sensor solution is virtually invisible).

The operating instructions explain how to switch on the various operating modes "here" (LINK to https://yeollin.de/assets/files/manual_mbiq-s_shimano_a.pdf).

Easy installation

The installation of this tuning tool is easy, because in principle you only have to replace the original speed sensor with the MBIQ-S.
You will find the sensor on the rear frame, often next to the full-floating axle. Depending on the manufacturer, the sensor cable is often led through the frame. The plug end is plugged into the engine compartment, which is usually protected by a plastic cover.

Depending on the manufacturer and type, it may be necessary to loosen the motor in order to pull out the sensor cable and insert the MBIQ-S. On some E Bike types the sensor cable passes through the frame and must be pulled out carefully. The cable of the MBIQ-S must then be led through the frame in the same way with the help of a pull wire.

You can find installation instructions here:

Manual PDF DUE10 (german)
Manual PDF DUE11 (german)

Since the MBIQ-S has an absolutely neutral appearance, the appearance of your E Bike is not changed in any way by the tuning.

Tip: We recommend that you keep the original sensor so that you can restore your bike´s original condition if necessary.

Robust & insensitive to moisture

Compared to the predecessor models, the quality of the housing parts of the MBIQ-S has been significantly improved. Thanks to electronics encapsulated in the sensor, the MBIQ-S is extremely insensitive to dirt and moisture.

MBIQ-S tuning sensor – Compatibility

This tuning tool is compatible with all common Shimano E Bike mid-mounted engines: Steps E8xxx, Steps E7xxx, Steps E6xxx, etc.

Compatible with all common motor firmware and Di2.

Scope of delivery

  • MBTK-S tuning-kit sensor cable with original connectors (cable length approx. 70 cm)
  • Manual


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Additional Information
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