MBIQ-P plug-in solution for Bosch E Bikes

The MBIQ-P is a microcontroller-based tuning tool as a practical plug-in solution. It lifts the 25 km/h speed limitation of Bosch E Bike mid-mounted engines completely.
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MBIQ-P plug-in solution for Bosch E Bikes

This is a microcontroller-based tuning tool as a practical plug-in solution. The MBIQ-P lifts the 25 km/h speed limitation of Bosch E Bike mid-mounted engines completely. This allows the Bosch drive system to unleash its full power, which means you can drive much faster with full engine support. This tuning tool has no other functions.
Due to the use of original plugs, the installation of the MBIQ-P is extremely simple even for technical laymen. In principle, you just have to plug the sensor connector of the E Bike into the MBIQ-P.

This tuning tool does not need a separate power supply / battery. The evaluation of the motor software is not affected by the manipulated values.

Method of operation

After the MBIQ-P has been inserted, the tool analyses the current speed profile and transmits manipulated values. Speeds of more than 25 km/h are blocked for the motor firmware, so that there is no speed limit anymore and the full potential of the motor can be used. Please note: Due to this special mode of operation, the displayed speed will always remain ≤ 25 km/h when the tuning is active.

Three operating modes:

This tuning tool is programmable: With the MBIQ-S you have the possibility to set three different operating modes by making certain wheel movements when starting up the electric bike. You do not need any additional equipment for this.

  1. Tuning permanently activated (permanent removal of the speed limit, the displayed speed no longer corresponds to the actual speed from approx. 25 km/h)
  2. Tuning permanently deactivated (motor support completely normal up to 25 km/h, displayed speed corresponds to the real speed).
  3. Tuning activation depending on switch-on condition (tuning is always deactivated - but you can easily activate the tuning by placing the magnet in front of the sensor for about 3-4 seconds during startup).

Easy to install

 The installation of the tool is very easy, because the MBIQ-P basically only needs to be inserted between the speed sensor (which works in combination with the magnet attached to the rear wheel) and the engine control unit. The tool is extremely compact and needs hardly any space, so that it can easily be placed in the engine compartment.

To install the tuning you need access to the plug end, which is inserted in the engine compartment. To get access to the engine compartment, it is usually necessary to remove the left crank arm. Depending on the model, special tools have to be used for this. It may also be necessary to remove additional plastic covers to gain access to the plug end.

Once this is done, carefully remove the plug from the socket in the engine compartment. Insert the plug end of the sensor into the socket of the MBIQ-S provided for this purpose. The protruding plug end must be inserted into the socket of the motor. The tuning is installed!

You can find detailed installation instructions "HERE”.

MBIQ-P for Bosch tuning tool – Compatibility

 The MBIQ-P is compatible with most common Bosch E Bike mid-mounted engines: Active Line, Active Line Plus, Performance Line, Performance Line CX.
This tuning tool is compatible with all current engine firmware.

Scope of delivery

  • MBIQ-P tuning-kit (cable length 60 cm).
  • Manual


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Additional Information
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