SpeedChip V3 for Bosch Gen3 and Gen4

Speedchip V3 for Bosch Gen3 and Gen4 / Configurable.
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Tuning Speedchip V3.0 for Bosch E Bikes

Speedchip V3.0 for Bosch, configurable via Micro USB at the PC. Maximum support is individually adjustable from 27.5 to 35 km/h. Compatible with old Bosch E Bike drives and the very latest Bosch Gen4 engine generation (model year 2020).

Tuning Speedchip V3.0 for Bosch E Bikes

This is a classic tuning tool in its latest and so far best version - now also compatible with the most recent Bosch software (Gen4 / year 2020). If you own an E Bike with Bosch mid-mounted-engine and you want to finally use the full power of the drive system, the Speedchip V 3.0 is the right choice. This tuning tool removes the 25 km/h speed limitation, which allows you to ride much faster with full engine support (up to 35 km/h). And all this with correct speed- and kilometre-indication! Another advantage of the Speedchip is that it is equipped with a micro-USB interface and can be configured via PC. Thanks to the use of original connectors, the installation of the Speedchip is extremely simple. You can remove the chip at any time if you want to restore the E Bike´s original condition.

The most relevant innovation of the Speedchip V3.0: It is even compatible with the brand new Bosch Performance CX Gen 4 drive systems (model year 2020).

This tuning tool is a high-quality product Made in Germany. Before delivery, each Speedchip is tested on an E Bike for correct functionality.

Tuning Speedchip V3.0 for Bosch – Features at a glance:

- The 25 km/h speed limitation is lifted.
- Display shows real speed and kilometres.
- You can switch the tuning on or off while driving.
- Factory settings for Bosch Active/Performance/CX engines: When the E Bike is switched on, the tuning speed chip is initially OFF. You can switch the tuning on and off by briefly pressing the Walk button. If the tuning is activated, the motor support reaches up to max. 35 km/h.
- Configurable per PC (via micro-USB): Specify the activation/deactivation or the maximum speed individually. Use PC or display adjuster to increase the speed limit from 27.5 to 35 km/h (10-40 percent increase in maximum speed).
- Software and drivers are included (Windows 7-10).
- You do not need to remove the Speedchip to update it. You only need to turn off the battery.
- No removal or special mode is required to perform Bosch system updates. The Speedchip is completely transparent during updates.
- Easy installation thanks to the use of original connectors.
- The Speedchip can be removed at any time. Afterwards the E Bike is in its original condition again.
- Splash-proof housing.
- Weight: About 12g.
- Housing dimensions: 37x20x10mm (LxWxH).
- The Tuning Speedchip V3 is hybrid - this means that the V2 firmware can be installed on E Bikes without current anti-tuning software. Please note: This is not recommended for E Bikes where the current update has already been carried out.
- Made in Germany.


The Tuning Speedchip V 3.0 is compatible with the following E Bikes with Bosch mid-mounted engines:

Active Line / Active Plus / Performance Line / Performance Line CX model year 2014-2020.

Important hints:

- The Tuning Speedchip V 3.0 has been successfully tested with all old Bosch software versions as well as the latest versions, e.g. for Purion displays+CX Gen4 (board computer:, Drive-Unit:, Power-Pack:

- On the Gen4 engine generation with FW the Tuning Speedchip V 3.0 was tested for 4000 km without detection. The manufacturer recommends the Speedchip V3 also for all older models, on which the anti-tuning software has been installed. It is not recommended to use any old tunings on these models, where the tuning tools halve, third or quarter the transmitted values and thus the maximum speed increases to more than 50 km/h.

- You should not carry out any future updates, because this could lead to a situation where the tuning no longer works - or only works to a limited extent.

Please note: The SpeedChip hardware is identical for both Bosch engine generations (Gen3 and Gen4), only the firmware must be adapted for the different drive systems via PC.

Special Tools:

Important! You need special tools to install the SpeedChip module:

Bosch Gen3 & Gen4 engines: Crank Remover.


Current software and drivers for Windows 7-10 can be found here:

Speedchip Instructions
Download PDF
Speedchip Tool with Driver Download ZIP
Speedchip Driver Instructions Download PDF


Speedchip for Bosch - New Firmware version

Maximum speed now also adjustable via the Display:

With the new Speedchip firmware for Bosch E Bikes you can set the maximum speed via the display of your Bosch E Bike (so you don't have to connect the Speedchip to your PC anymore). Proceed as follows: -Activate the Speedchip and press the minus button for 5 seconds. Then the display shows the maximum speed (default 50 km/h). -Use the plus and minus buttons to set the desired value. Then wait for approx. 5 seconds until 0 km/h is displayed. Adjustment is now completed and saved! Please note: This function is only available within 5 seconds after Speedchip activation, after that it will be locked.

The Speedchip is now also compatible with Cobi.Bike:

Cobi Bike is an innovative system in which the Bosch E Bike is connected to a smartphone and thus becomes a real smart bike (route tracking, fitness data, navigation, weather, alarm system, etc.). Now the support of the Speedchip has been made compatible with Cobi.Bike. The activation is shown in the submenu "remaining km". Attention: Activation via "Walk" is not possible because Cobi.Bike uses this key as a bell. Please set an individual +/- combination via the PC tool to activate the Speedchip (for example ++-+).

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