Speedbox 2 PLATINUM for Bosch Gen2 & Gen3

Compatible with displays: Kiox, Intuvia, Nyon, Purion and COBI.
Activation: by pressing WALK / + - + -
Compatible with SpeedBox App: NO
This product in not compatible with Bosch 2020 motors!
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Product Description

SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM for Bosch Gen2 & Gen3 (Active / Performance / CX) Limited Edition

With the processor-controlled SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM you can easily take away the 25 km/h speed limitation of your Bosch E Bike. The device enables you to drive much faster with full motor support. In contrast to its predecessor, the “SpeedBox 2 for Bosch”, the SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM is much more powerful, ecological and 30 percent smaller!

Even if the SpeedBox 2 PLATINUM tuning tool has been switched on, the E Bike display shows all values correctly (actual speed, range, daily mileage, average and maximum speed).

To activate the SpeedBox PLATINUM you only need to briefly press the WALK button of your electric bike or + - + -. After that, a speed indication of 9.9 km/h (6.2 mph) appears on the display for a few seconds - this indicates that the tuning has been switched on and the maximum possible engine-supported speed has been increased to as much as 99 km/h. The actual achievable speed is then in principle only limited by your pedal frequency.

To deactivate the SpeedBox, simply press the WALK button again. Now a speed of 2.5 km/h (1.6 mph) will be displayed briefly. This confirms that the tuning has been cancelled and the maximum engine support of your Bosch drive system ends at 25 km/h as usual.

Easy installation

The installation of the SpeedBox is intuitive and uncomplicated, so that even non-technical users will have no problems at all. Since only colour-coded original plugs are used to install the device, an accidental misconnection is practically impossible. You do not need any diagnostic tools for the installation, too.

Only high-quality components from the world's leading manufacturers are used in the production of the SpeedBox tuning tools. This guarantees robustness and water resistance. To ensure highest quality, each product is tested several times during the manufacturing process. This recommended tuning module is also visually attractive. The microprocessor used in the module has even been certified for the automotive industry.

This tuning tool is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

SpeedBox PLATINUM for Bosch – Compatibility

E Bikes with Bosch Active-, Performance- or CX-Line drive systems.

Compatible with the following displays: INTUVIA, NYON, PURION, KIOX and also with COBI.

Not compatible with Bosch 2020!


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