sIMPLEk Stick Pro for Brose

The "sIMPLEk Stick Pro for Brose" is a tuning tool that completely removes the 25 km/h (or 45 km/h) speed limit of the engine - nothing more, nothing less.
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 sIMPLEk Stick Pro for Brose

If you are annoyed by the speed limitation of your Brose E Bike drive system, the sIMPLEk Stick Pro is a good solution. It is a tuning tool that completely removes the 25 km/h (or 45 km/h) speed limit of the engine - nothing more, nothing less. Once the wiring is installed and the sIMPLEk Stick Pro is plugged in, the tuning mode is activated and you benefit from virtually unlimited motor support (theoretically up to 100 km/h). Since this tool is a dongle with USB connection, you can remove all tuning-relevant parts within seconds.

The installation of this tuning tool is simple and uncomplicated (see below).

Important note: This sIMPLEk stick is the "Pro" version and therefore a finished product - so you don't have to assemble the tool yourself.

Made in Germany.

Real speed remains readable

Contrary to many other E Bike tuning tools, the sIMPLEk Stick Pro displays the actual speed even when tuning is active, but (from a speed of 10 km/h) via the second digit and the decimal place of the electric bike´s speed indicator. This means, a speed display of 13.6 km/h would correspond to an actual speed of 36 km/h etc.

Also the maximum speed as well as the driven kilometres will be displayed correctly, although these values are adapted only after approx. 1 minute at standstill.

Simple installation

The installation of this tuning dongle is uncomplicated and can also be carried out by technical laymen. Proceed as follows:

  • First remove the battery.
  • Loosen the 8 mm hexagon socket screw on the crank of your E Bike with an 8 mm hexagon socket wrench. Remove the crank handle (use a crank puller if it cannot be removed by hand).
  • Remove the five Torx screws on the engine cover with a Torx 20 socket wrench and remove the cover.
  • Unplug the speed sensor plug.
  • Now you must cut the speed sensor cable so that you can connect the individual wires to the insulation displacement terminal of the connecting cable. The cable ends must be inserted into the insulation displacement terminal - please make sure that the polarity is correct.
  • Fix the cables by pressing the insulation displacement clamp together.
  • Now all you have to do is to attach the USB connection cable to the desired position of the sIMPLEk Stick Pro using the cable ties provided.
  • Reassemble everything.

When the tool is used for the first time, a one-time calibration is performed automatically so that the correct speed can be read for each wheel circumference (see operating instructions).

sIMPLEk Stick Pro for Brose - Compatibility

All E Bikes driven by Brose motors.


No shipping possible outside the EU.

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