sIMPLEk Stick for Brose

sIMPLEk Stick for Brose – First tuning dongle with correct speed display
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sIMPLEk Stick for Brose – First tuning dongle with correct speed display

The sIMPLEk Stick completely eliminates the 25 km/h speed limitation of Brose E Bike engines. By the way, this is the first tuning dongle ever, where the correct speed is still shown on the E Bike display - even when the tuning is activated.

It should be mentioned that the sIMPLEk Stick is delivered in the form of a kit, which you first have to assemble yourself. However, this is very simple, since the kit consists of only 4 elements. Please note that a soldering iron must be used to connect the USB stick to the board. Once the wiring has been installed, you can switch the tuning on or off at any time by simply plugging in or unplugging the sIMPLEk Stick.

As already mentioned, with this tuning dongle the correct speed remains readable in the display. Up to a speed of 10 km/h the speed is indicated 1:1. Above a speed of 10 km/h, the actual speed is indicated by the second digit and (if present on the display) the decimal place.

Examples for displays with decimal places:

5 km/h = 5 km/h in reality

13.5 km/h = 35 km/h in reality

Examples for displays without decimal places:

5 km/h = 5 km/h in reality

11 km/h = 11-20 km/h in reality

12 km/h = 20-30 km/h in reality

13 km/h = 30-40 km/h in reality

Maximum speed and distance travelled as well as total distance are displayed correctly, too (but only after a bit more than 1 minute at standstill).

Note: In order to be able to indicate the actual (real) speed for each wheel size in the tuning mode, a one-time calibration must be carried out the first time the stick is used.

The sIMPLEk Stick has 2 operating modes:

1) Tuning mode (practically unlimited support, theoretically up to 100 km/h)

2) Calibration mode

sIMPLEk Stick for Brose - Compatibility

- Electric Bikes with Brose drive systems

The sIMPLEk Stick is a quality product and “Made in Germany”.

Please note:

As said before, the sIMPLEk Stick (dongle) is delivered as a kit, which you have to assemble yourself. However, there are only 4 components, namely board, USB plug, housing and connection cable. The installation itself is extremely simple and easy - even for technical amateurs. This is mainly due to the fact that the delivered board is already equipped with the necessary SMD components. All you have to do is solder the USB connector to the board and insert the whole thing into the supplied housing – that´s all, the dongle is assembled.

Then it is only necessary to connect the connecting cable of the sIMPLEk Stick to the motor and the sensor using an insulation displacement connector. To do this, however, the crank and the engine cover must be removed. This gives you access to the cable of the speed sensor, which must be cut to connect the individual wires to the insulation displacement. After that, the cable ends must be inserted into the insulation displacement – but make sure the polarity is correct. Now press the insulation displacement clamp to fix the cables. Once this is done, you have to use the cable ties to route the USB connection cable to the desired position of the sIMPLEk stick. We recommend mounting directly at the handlebars so that you can easily insert or remove the stick at any time (to activate / deactivate the tuning).

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