PearTune MSO for Yamaha PW LCD/LED display

PearTune MSO Y2 for Yamaha Powerdrive LCD/LED display
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Product Description

PearTune MSO for Yamaha PW LCD/LED Display 


PearTune MSO (“max speed off”) is a tuning tool for electric bicycles powered by Yamaha Powerdrive mid-mounted engines. The tool takes away the 25 km/h speed limitation of the engine support completely. This means, theoretically you can reach unlimited speed values with full motor support (please note that the actual max speed depends on the system you use).

A great advantage of this tuning tool is that it takes away the drive systems speed limitation without affecting the other functions of your electric bike. This means, even if the PearTune device is activated, all data on your display (current speed, distance, max- and average speed etc.) will be shown correctly (please note there can be deviations in some variants).

This tuning tool has to be installed between magnetic speed sensor and engine as well as between display and engine. The electrical power is supplied by the display plug of your electric bike. You can switch the PearTune MSO on or off at any time via your LIGHT (LED) / WALK (LCD) button. 

PearTune MSO-Y2 – Technical Data

Size without cables: 21 x 40 x 12 mm
Operating voltage: 5-15 V
Max. power consumption: 100 mA / 1.5 W
Weight: Approx. 30g
The voltage within the tuning tool does not exceed 50 V.

PearTune MSO-Y2 – Installation

Remove the plastic cover underneath the mid-mounted engine. At the engine you´ll find three 6 mm Allen screws. Loose the two Allen screws which are nearer to the front wheel and tilt the engine towards the rear wheel. You´ll find cables and plugs between engine and bicycle frame.

Disconnect the position 4 plug between display and engine unit as well as the position 3 plug between tachometer sensor and engine unit. Connect the four fitting plugs of the MSO with the four fitting (previously disconnected) plugs of the electric bike. A faulty connection is not possible. Place the MSO at a fitting position (we recommend at the bicycle frame). If you want to, you can fix the cables with a cable fixer. Fold back the engine and tighten the previously released Allen screws. Fix the plastic cover again and your electric bicycle is ready to go.

PearTune MSO – Usage after Installation

You can switch the MSO on or off at any time by clicking on the LIGHT (LED) / WALK (LCD) button. The original function of the button remains unchanged.


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Additional Information
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