PearTune MSO "Still On" for Brose

PearTune MSO “max speed off” "Still On" is a tuning tool for electric bikes with Brose motor.
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PearTune for Brose “Still On”

PearTune MSO is an approved tuning tool which takes away the Brose engines 25 km/h speed restriction completely – “MSO” stands for “Max Speed Off”. A big advantage of this device is that your electric bike´s display will still show the current speed and other parameters correctly (off course, only if your system is equipped with a display).

Please note that this is the “Special” version of the PearTune MSO for Brose engines. In the majority of Brose engines, the PearTune module can be activated / deactivated with a short press on the light button. But there are some Brose drive systems where the PearTune module can´t be activated in that way because they got a very simple/small display or even no display at all (that means, they got no button for activation).

If this is the case, and your Brose electric bike has got no activation button, the PearTune MSO for Brose “Still On" is the perfect solution:

After this tuning tool has been installed, it will get activated automatically when you switch on your electric bike. E Bike ON = Tuning ON / E Bike OFF = Tuning OFF. That means, you don´t need an activation button anymore to use this tuning tool.

PearTune for Brose Still On – Advantages at a Glance:

  • The engine´s speed limitation will be taken away completely. In principle, this allows you to reach unlimited speed values with full motor support. The actual maximum speed will only be limited by your pedal frequency and the drive system you use.
  • If your electric bike is equipped with a display, all parameters will be shown correctly (current speed, distance, max & average speed).
  • Tuning gets activated automatically when the Brose electric bike is being switched on.
  • Easy installation.
  • Of course, you can uninstall the PearTune module at any time if you want to restore your electric bike´s original condition (engine support up to 25 km/h)


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