PearTune MSO for Bosch

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Product Description

PearTune MSO-B2

Pear Tune MSO “max speed off” B2 is a tuning tool for electric bikes with Bosch drive systems (Active Line, Performance Line & Performance Line CX). Contrary to many other electric bike tuning tools the PearTune device not only shifts the speed limitation from 25 km/h to 50 km/h, it will take away the speed limit completely. This means, theoretically you can reach unlimited speed values with the motor power still assisting (the actual max speed depends on the system you use).

If you use this tuning tool, all data on your display will be shown correctly (current speed, average- and maximum-speed, distance etc.) – even if the tuning is activated. Hint: Please note that there can be deviations for some variants.

The PearTune MSO B2 tuning tool has to be mounted between magnetic speed sensor and engine as well as well as between display and engine (the electricity supply comes from the connector of the display). While you are bicycling, you can switch the PearTune conveniently on or off by pressing the WALK button. If the motor power icon blinks every 5 seconds, the tuning is activated. Tip: If you press the WALK button a little bit longer, it´s function remains unchanged and you can keep on using the pushing aid.

PearTune MSO-B2 – Technical Data

Not comaptible with Bosch 2020 gen4!

Size without cables: 21 x 40 x 12 mm
Operating voltage: 5-15 V
Max. power consumption: 100 mA / 1.5 W
Weight: Approx. 30g
The voltage within the tuning tool does not exceed 50 V.

PearTune MSO-B2 – Installation

Take a crank puller (available in our shop) and remove the crank arm. After that, remove the plastic cover of the mid-mounted-engine (usually Torx 20). Under the case you will find all required cables and connections.

Disconnect the position 4 connector plug between display and engine as well as the position 2 connector plug between tachometer sensor and engine. Now you have to connect the two appropriate MSO plugs with the engine (instead of the original plugs). Connect the original, disconnected plugs with the MSO, in accordance with its colours. To keep the system water-proof, you should protect the two MSO plugs, which have to be connected with the original plugs of tachometer sensor and the display unit, with a shrinking tube. Place the MSO at an appropriate place. Optionally, you can fix the cables with a cable tie. After you have mounted the plastic cover and the crank arm again, your electric bike is ready to go.

PearTune MSO B2 – Usage after Installation

You can activate or deactivate the MSO at any time by a short click on the “WALK” button. If you press the “WALK” button a little bit longer, its original function remains unchanged. If the motor-power icon blinks every 5 seconds, the MSO is activated. The MSO works with Intuvia, Nyon, Purion and Kiox displays.


The COBI version has been optimized for use in combination with the COBI system. The activation of the PearTunes is done by light in the COBI App: With the Smartphone App by COBI you can easily activate the Peartune for Bosch. Turning on the light in the app will display "9.9" and E Bike Tuning is on. With deactivating the light the tuning is also off. Please also note: The PearTune is activated with a tap on the first mode of light, it is the "automatic light". The second mode is "normal light" and the third mode is "big light" (during these two modes, PearTune is still on). After the fourth "click" on the light, both the light and PearTune are switched off.


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