--The article is no longer produced--This is the improved successor to the BlackPed tuning module for Bosch and Yamaha electric bicycles.
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--The article is no longer produced-- This is the improved successor to the BlackPed tuning module for Bosch and Yamaha electric bicycles. BlackPed has got all the features from the original PumaPed tool, but there are some additional features to improve your driving experience.

The BlackPed tuning module will take away the 25 km/h (or 45 km/h) speed restriction of your electric bike. If you use the BlackPed  tuning device, you can drive up to 75 km/h with the motor power still assisting. It´s possible to adjust the maximum speed the way you like it.

What´s so special about the BlackPed is that this device can be controlled with a free Smartphone App (Android 4.4.2 to 6 / iPhone iOS 9.2 or higher). Therefore, the BlackPed tool offers much more tuning options than most other tuning devices. In addition, your Smartphone display will always show the correct speed – even if the tuning is activated. Important: You only need your Smartphone to change the settings of your tuning module – this means, you can use the tuning device without your Smartphone, too.

The BlackPed features at a glance:

- Set the maximum engine support to a user-specific value (up to 75 km/h).
- Controllable with a free Smartphone App (wireless connection, Android 4.4.2 to 6 / iPhone iOS 9.2 or higher).
- While driving, the Smartphone display will show the correct speed.
- The Smartphone display will show other relevant data like maximum speed, average speed, kilometres travelled & distance, too.
- More tuning options than most other electric bike tuning tools.
- It´s possible to define the speed at which the tuning shall be activated.
- Easy installation.
- Your electric bike can be restored back to its original condition at any time.

Compatible with:

- Bosch E Bikes (Performance Line, Performance Line CX, Active Line, Classic Line).
- Yamaha mid-mounted electric bike engines.

The BlackPed works with normal electric bikes (support up to 25 km/h) and faster S-Pedelecs (support up to 45 km/h or more).

A quick overview of all the additional features of the BlackPed module:

- Signal strength & transmitting power have been improved significantly.
- You can enter a PIN Code to protect the module from unauthorized access.
- It´s possible to select between km/h and mph.
- Display can show the total travelling time, too.
- After installation, the App indicates if it runs on your Smartphone.
- For the first time it is possible to set a maximum engine support under 25 km/h – for example, this can be an advantage if you want to lend your electric bicycle to your little children.
- A new “Freeze” feature allows you to freeze the speed at a self-determined value (from 10 to 50 km/h).
- It´s possible to adjust the wheel size from 20” to 29”. This can be necessary if you want to calibrate the exact speed.
- Set visibility to 0 seconds.
- Active /deactivate the tuning tool via your electric bikes light switch.
- Theft-proof (engine support can be limited to 10 km/h, only Android App).
Important: You need the BlackPed App to run the BlackPed tuning module. It is not possible to use the BlackPed tool with the previous PumaPed App (or vice versa).

You can get the BlackPed App for free right here:

BlackPed Modul

Our recommendation: Before you buy the BlackPed module, you should download the BlackPed App and check out if it runs on your Smartphone (requirements Android 4.4.2 to 6 / iPhone iOS 9.2).


- 1 BlackPed module
- Optional 1 Finn: Fixing Your smartphone to Your bars
- Optional 1 Charging Cable: Charging Your smartphone with Your E Bike
- Installation Manual: Blackped_Manual.pdf (1,3 MB)

Special Tools:
Important! You need special tools to install the BlackPed (= Pumaped 2plus) module:
Bosch Active & Performance & CX Line engines: Crank Remover.
Bosch Classic Line engines: Spider & Crank Remover.
Yamaha electric bike engines: No special tools required.

Smartphone requirements: Android 4.4 to 6 / iPhone iOS 9.2 or higher

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Additional Information
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