Badass Box 4 Specialized-Set Turbo Levo 2019

This tuning tool completely removes the 25 km/h speed limitation of the Turbo LEVO drive system (2019 & 2020, Turbo LEVO SL 2020, Turbo CREO SL, Turbo KENEVO 2020).
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 Badass Box 4 Specialized-Set Turbo LEVO 2019


Attention: Please compare your speed sensor on the bike with the illustration above!

The Badass Box 4 in a version especially for Specialized Turbo LEVO E Bikes (model year 2019 & 2020, Turbo LEVO SL 2020, Turbo CREO SL, Turbo KENEVO 2020). This tuning tool completely removes the 25 km/h speed limitation of the Turbo LEVO drive system, so that you can finally use its full engine power. There are no further functions with this tuning tool.

The tuning can be easily switched on or off by plugging in or removing the box and moving the spoke magnet a little bit.

After the Box is inserted, it will send a modified signal from the sensor to the engine – this has the effect that the speed limit is taken away.

Due to this special mode of operation, the correct speed is no longer shown on the display when the tuning is activated. We recommend that you use additional devices with GPS to display the actual speed, such as bicycle computers or smartphones.

The Badass Box 4 is powered by an AAA battery, which is included in delivery. The battery has a range of 7,000 km (or 1 year) and can be easily replaced.

The electronics of the Badass Box are sealed with special casting compound from the automotive industry, making the box more robust and water-resistant than ever before. As part of a double quality control process, each box is tested for correct functioning before and after casting.

Made in Germany.

Important hint:

To install the Badass Box 4 for Turbo LEVO, a small modification has to be made on the E Bike, which requires a little technical skill.

Here is a short installation instruction:

- Localize the integrated sensor in your electric bicycle´s fork end. Remove the rear wheel and unscrew the sensor.

- After that, you have to separate the sensor from the bracket. Please keep the bracket in case you want to restore your electric bike´s original condition sometime in the future.

- Then you have to insert the sensor into the adapter completely in a way that only the cable protrudes and the snap lock is flush with the adapter´s surface.

- Use cable ties to attach the sensor cable and the adapter to the bicycle frame.

- Slide the Badass Box 4 onto the adapter until it clicks into place. The box is then mounted upside down, which does not affect its function in any way. IMPORTANT: Make sure that the sensor cable is securely attached and cannot come into contact with the brake disc.

- Now remount the rear wheel.

- Install the supplied spoke magnet and align it with the edge of the Badass Box housing. That´s it, you´re finished! Your Turbo LEVO E Bike is now much faster than ever before.

Please read the Instructions before you order!

> Download the complete instructions for Badass Box 4 Specialized-Set Turbo Levo 2019


Specialized Turbo LEVO 2019 & 2020 E Bikes with the new integrated sensor in the fork-end. Turbo LEVO SL 2020, Turbo CREO SL, Turbo KENEVO 2020.

Scope of delivery

- Badass Box 4 for Specialized Turbo LEVO

- Specialized adapter

- AAA battery

- Spoke magnet with thumb screw

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