Badass Box 4 for Giant

Badass Box Type 4 for Giant Electric Bike Tuning
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Product Description

Badass Box 4 - Giant

The Badass Box 4 is a proven and practical tuning tool, this time in a version especially for Giant E Bikes with Yamaha mid-mounted engines. The Badass Box 4 completely removes the 25 km/h speed limitation, so that you can finally use the full power of your Giant drive system. After the initial assembly, you can switch the tuning on or off at any time by attaching and removing the Badass Box and sliding the supplied spoke magnet.

Please note that a wrong speed will be displayed when the tuning is switched on (also applies to derived values). Tip: You can use GPS-based additional devices such as Smartphones or bicycle computers to get the correct speed when tuning is active.

Compared to its predecessors, the Badass Box 4 has some significant improvements:

- The box has been significantly slimmed down so that there can be no more installation situations that are too narrow anymore (the sensor application is now only 3 mm).

- The O-ring of the predecessor version has been replaced by a patented snap lock, so that the box can be attached or detached faster than ever before.

- Even more robust and insensitive to moisture, as the electronics in the box are sealed with special sealing compound from the automotive industry.

- A new AAA battery provides a much longer range. Batteries of this type are available practically everywhere and only need to be replaced after more than 7,000 km or 1 year. This is also due to the self-developed, patented "FEET" Field Enhancement & Elimination Technology.

- Now additionally with optional cable tie fastening at the snap lock.

- Double quality control. Every Badass box is checked for correct functionality before and after encapsulation.


How it works

The Badass Box is placed on the speed sensor of the electric bike. After that, it sends a modified signal to the engine, which causes the speed limitation to be removed. This happens contactless and without direct intervention into the motor electronics, so that a damage of the engine is impossible.


Badass Box 4 for Giant – Installation & Activation

The initial installation of the Badass Box 4 is simple and can also be carried out by technical laymen at home. The engine does not have to be opened.

In principle, the Badass Box 4 for Giant simply has to be mounted via the speed sensor next to the rear wheel. As soon as the snap lock engages, the box is securely attached to the sensor. If you want to, you can also secure the Badass Box with cable ties.

Please note that you must replace the bike´s original magnet with the supplied spoke magnet during initial installation. This spoke magnet works in the same way as the original magnet, even without the Badass Box attached. However, when the Badass Box is attached, the spoke magnet is required for the patented field enhancement technology to work properly.

After the Badass Box has been mounted on the speed sensor, the spoke magnet must be moved to the edge of the housing in the direction of the snap lock. If the spoke magnet touches the Badass Box, place the spoke magnet as close as possible to the Badass Box and rotate it 90° - now the E Bike is tuned and the speed limit is taken away.

To finish the tuning, simply remove the Badass Box 4 and move the spoke magnet back to its original position. Now the E Bike has its original riding characteristics back and the engine support ends at 25 km/h again. The current speed is displayed correctly again, too.


Scope of delivery

- Badass Box 4 for Giant

- AAA battery

- Spoke magnet with clamping screw

Badass Box 4 for Giant – Technical data

- Dimensions: 61 x 39 x 15 mm

- Weight: 27g (with battery 37g)

Battery 1,5V AAA battery (IEC R03)

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