How To

The Electric Bike Tuning Guideline 

Our electric bike tuning guideline shows you, in chronological order, how electric bike tuning should ideally be done:

1 Check out which kind of motor is being used in your electric bike. After that, check out if there any tuning options for that particular motor type.

If you don´t have an electric bike yet or if you want to buy yourself a new electric bike in the near future: Before the final decision of purchase you should check out if there are any tuning tools available for that particular kind of motor. Believe us, it will be very disappointing to find out there are no tuning options after you have bought yourself an expensive electric bicycle.

There is a growing trend towards getting second electric bicycles – especially for people who are into electric bikes since many years. Please keep in mind that most new electric bicycle motors offer much more acceleration and power than the older models. And of course, even the new generation of electric bicycles wants to be tuned, too! As an alternative you can leave your new electric bike in the state it is and tune your old electric bicycle instead. 

A Positive List “Electric Bike Motors which can be tuned”

Bosch Gen1 Classic Line as from 2011 to 2014 with HMI or Intuvia Display All Products
Bosch Gen2 Active & Performance Line as from 2014 with Intuvia, Purion, Nyon or Kiox Display All Products
Bosch Gen2 Performance CX Line as from 2015 with Intuvia, Purion, Nyon or Kiox Display All Produkts
Bosch Gen3 Active Line Plus as from 2017 with Intuvia, Purion, Nyon or Kiox Display All Produkts
Yamaha Syncdrive C mid-mounted motor All Products
Yamaha Powerdrive Unit mid-mounted motor All Products
Yamaha SyncDrive SPORT / Pro All Products
Yamaha PW-X, PW-SE All Products
BionX systems as from June 2009 with CanBus system All Products 
BionX RC3 systems as from 2016 All Products
Panasonic 36V mid-mounted motor All Products
Impulse 1 & 2 & EVO & EVO RS mid-mounted motor All Products
Shimano STEPS mid-mounted motor E8000, E7000, E6000, E6100, E5000 with / without Di2 All Products
Brose mid-mounted motor All Products
Brose Turbo Levo Specialized Turbo LEVO / VADO All Products
Conti e bike system (CeBS) All Products
Heinzmann and ELFEi V3 Motors All Products
Bafang Max Drive 36V mid-mounted motor All Products
Rocky Mountain Powerplay All Products


If you own an electric bike that can be optimized (see our “Positive List”), then simply choose your preferred tuning product (see point 2).

B Negative List “Electric Bike Motors which can´t be tuned”

  • - Go Swiss Drive
  • - Panasonic 26V & 48V
  • - Alber (Bulls Green Mover)
  • - TranzX
  • - All rear mounted motor (except BionX and Heinzmann)
  • - All electric bikes which are not on our “Positive List” (see above)

Unfortunately, if you got an electric bike which can NOT be optimized (see our “Negative List”), you have got only 3 options:

i) Get over it.
ii) Try to sell your electric bike as fast as possible.
iii) Maybe you can try to “over-volt” your electric bicycle.

2 If you own an electric bike which can be optimized, you´ve got basically two options:

A Of course, if there is only 1 suitable tuning product on the market (Rocky Mountain Powerplay, BionX), your decision is a very easy one! See our Comparison.

B If there are various tuning solutions (Bosch, Yamaha, Brose), you should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each device very accurately. Then choose the tuning tool that is best suited to your individual needs. See our Comparison.

3 Check out if you need special tools for the installation

A We assume you already got the most common standard tools like an Allen wrench or a Torx key. Otherwise, we recommend a Multitool.

B Nevertheless, for some engines you need special tools if you want to install the tuning devices. For products which have to be installed in a Bosch (except Active Line Plus) engine, you always need a crank puller. If your electric bike is driven by a Bosch Classic Line engine, you additionally need a Spider to open the lock ring at the chain ring. If you got a Bosch Active or Performance Line / CX engine, you only need a Spider if you want to change the chain ring. You can find a detailed overview in our Tool Table. You´ll find suitable Special Tools and tested Multitool in our shop.

4 Further Optimization Possibilities after the Electric Bike Tuning

A Bigger Chain Ring: In most cases, after the tuning you will notice that the pedalling cadence will increase sharply at high speeds. That means, at a speed of (about) 40 km/h in the highest gear you have to pedal as fast as with, for example, 15 km/h in the first gear. This can be quite unpleasant. The solution: Use a chain ring with significantly more teeth (see Chain Rings): Bosch Gen2 Chainring Overview!

B Longer Electric Bicycle Chain: If you have chosen a new chain ring with more teeth (and therefore with a higher diameter) you need, of course, a new chain for your electric bike (see “chains”). To shorten the new and longer chain you either need a “chain tool” or a special Multitool.

C Optimize the Air Pressure: Irrespective of the electric bike tuning you should always optimize the air pressure (mostly you have to increase it) for a lower rolling resistance. That means you need a proper tyre pump. Use an air pressure measuring device (manometer / tyre gauge) to check if the tyre pressure is OK (you can find the correct values directly on the tyres or on the manufacturer´s homepage).