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Elektronikdesign Markus Bender („Electronics Design Markus Bender“)

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E Bike tuning made in Germany. The product range includes a small selection of electronic items, including a few E Bike tuning tools. The MBTK-S tuning kit is a tool for Bosch drive systems that allows you to easily remove the speed limit. All you have to do is replace the original Bosch sensor with the MBTK-S tuning sensor. It couldn't be easier. Also available for other motor versions.

We particularly recommend the µ-MBTK tuning kit, which is even compatible with various E Bike drives - including systems for which there are no other tuning solutions, e.g. for AEG (e.g. Comfort Drive) or for Shimano systems where the new update has been carried out (FW 4.7.0).

Electronikdesign Markus Bender is based in Wettenberg near Gießen, Germany.