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Elektronikdesign Markus Bender („Electronics Design Markus Bender“)

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E-Bike Tuning Made in Germany. The product range includes a whole series of attractive tuning solutions for E-Bikes from various manufacturers. With these tools, the speed limitation of E-Bike drive systems can be lifted very easily.

Electronic design Markus Bender always strives to develop and offer tuning solutions for the very latest engine generations and firmware versions.

The company is based in Wettenberg near Giessen (Hesse).

Its Tuning Tools are offered as:

Sensor solution (Bosch / AEG / Giant / Yamaha / Shimano)

An example would be the MBIQ-S, where you simply have to replace the existing speed sensor with the MBIQ-S tuning tool. It could hardly be simpler. With active tuning, manipulated values are shown on the display from approx. 22 km/h. Programmable by the customer. Also compatible with Bosch Gen4 engines.

Plug-in solution (Bosch)

An example of this is the MBIQ-P, where the tuning tool simply has to be plugged in between the speed sensor and the engine control unit. With active tuning, manipulated values are shown in the display from approx. 22 km/h. This tuning tool is compatible with all current Bosch drive systems: Active Line (+ Plus), Performance Line (+ CX), even with Bosch Gen4. Not compatible with Bosch Classic Line. Programmable by the customer.

Universal solution (for different engines)

Here the MBIQ-CC should be mentioned - a universal solution for many common motor and sensor types with push-in clamping technology. The MBIQ-CC simply has to be integrated into the wire from the sensor, which receives impulses per wheel rotation by a magnet (which is located on a rear wheel spoke or on the brake disc). For integration, the sensor cables can simply be inserted into the push-in terminal. Compatible with Bosch (also Gen4), Brose, Panasonic, Shimano and other models with 2-wire sensors. When the tuning is active, manipulated values are shown on the display from approx. 22 km/h. Programmable by the customer.

Another universal solution, which is also compatible with different E-Bike drive systems with 2-wire sensors, is the µ-MBTK.